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This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in: constructing, repairing and renovating buildings and engineering works, and in subdividing and developing land. These establishments may operate on their own account or under contract to other establishments or property owners.

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    They may produce complete projects or just parts of projects. Establishments often subcontract some or all of the work involved in a project, or work together in joint ventures. Establishments may produce new construction, or undertake repairs and renovations to existing structures.

    A construction establishment may be the only establishment of an enterprise, or one of several establishments of an integrated real estate enterprise engaged in the land assembly, development, financing, building and sale of large projects. There are substantial differences in the types of equipment, work force skills, and other inputs required by establishments in this sector. To highlight these differences and variations in the underlying production functions, this sector is divided into three subsectors. Establishments are distinguished initially between those that undertake projects that require several different construction activities (known as trades) to be performed, and establishments that specialize in one trade.


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing and installing building equipment, such as power boilers; manufacturing pre-fabricated.
    buildings (see 31-33 Manufacturing)
    operating highways, streets and bridges (see 48-49 Transportation and warehousing)
    project management services, when it is a primary activity (see 541330 Engineering services)
    maintenance of rights of way for power, communication and pipe lines; and cleaning building exteriors,
    after construction (see 56 Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services).

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