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Land subdivision - 23721


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in servicing raw land and subdividing real property into lots, for subsequent sale to builders. Land subdivision precedes building activity. The building sites created by land subdivision may be residential lots, commercial tracts or industrial parks.

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    Servicing of raw land entails some physical improvements, such as land clearing or excavation work for the installation of roads and utility lines. While the extent of work varies from project to project, the establishments classified in this industry are primarily engaged in subdivision activity that includes physical improvement of the land. Establishments that perform only the legal subdivision of land are not included in this industry.

    Example Activities:
    Land (except cemeteries) subdividers
    Land subdivision and development
    Real property (except cemeteries) subdivision
    Subdividing and servicing land owned by others


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    constructing buildings, for sale, on lots they subdivide (see 236 Construction of buildings)
    installing utilities on a subcontract basis for land subdividers (see 2371 Utility system construction)
    installing roads on a subcontract basis for land subdividers (see 237310 Highway, street and bridge
    preparing land owned by others for building construction (see 238910 Site preparation contractors)
    constructing buildings, for rent or own use, on lots they subdivide (see 5311 Lessors of real estate)
    legal subdivision of land without land preparation is classified elsewhere based on the primary activity of
    the establishment


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