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Frozen food manufacturing - 31141


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing frozen fruits and vegetables; and frozen dinners and side dishes of several ingredients, except seafood.

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    Example Activities:
    Blast freezing, on a contract basis
    Concentrates, frozen fruit and vegetable juice, manufacturing
    Dinners, frozen (except seafood-based), manufacturing
    French fries, frozen, pre-cooked, manufacturing
    French toast, frozen, manufacturing
    Frozen dinners (except seafood-based), manufacturing
    Frozen food entrees (except seafood-based), manufacturing
    Frozen fruit and vegetable processing
    Frozen fruits, fruit juices and vegetables, manufacturing
    Frozen pot pies, manufacturing
    Frozen side dishes (except seafood-based), manufacturing
    Frozen soups (except seafood), manufacturing
    Fruit juice concentrates, frozen, manufacturing
    Fruits, frozen, manufacturing
    Pizza, frozen, manufacturing
    Quick freezing of fruit and vegetables
    Soups, frozen (except seafood), manufacturing
    Vegetable juice concentrates, frozen, manufacturing
    Vegetables, frozen, manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    freeze-drying fruits and vegetables (311420 Fruit and vegetable canning, pickling and drying)
    manufacturing frozen dairy products (311520 Ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing)
    manufacturing frozen meat products (see 31161 Animal slaughtering and processing)
    manufacturing frozen seafood products (see 311710 Seafood product preparation and packaging)
    manufacturing frozen bakery products (see 31181 Bread and bakery product manufacturing)
    manufacturing frozen doughs, made from purchased flour (see 311824 Flour mixes, dough, and pasta
    manufacturing from purchased flour)
    freezing eggs (see 311990 All other food manufacturing)


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