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Fruit and vegetable canning, pickling and drying - 31142


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in preserving fruits and vegetables by canning, pickling, brining and dehydrating (including freeze-drying). Canning uses heat sterilization; pickling uses vinegar solutions and brining uses salt solutions.

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    Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mixtures of dried ingredients, such as soup mixes and salad dressing mixes, are included provided they dehydrate at least one of the ingredients.

    Example Activities:
    Baby foods (including meats), canning
    Baked beans, canning
    Beans, baked, canning
    Bouillon, canning
    Bouillon, made in dehydration plants
    Brining of fruits and vegetables
    Canning fruits and vegetables
    Canning soups (except seafood)
    Dehydrating fruits and vegetables
    Dried fruits and vegetables, manufacturing
    Freeze-drying fruits and vegetables
    Fruit juices, canning
    Fruit juices, fresh, manufacturing
    Fruit, brining
    Fruit, canning
    Fruit, dehydrating (except sun drying)
    Fruit, pickling
    Infant and junior food, canning
    Jam, manufacturing
    Jelly and jam, manufacturing
    Juice, fruit or vegetable, canned, manufacturing
    Juice, fruit or vegetable, fresh, manufacturing
    Ketchup, manufacturing
    Marmalade, manufacturing
    Meat bouillon, made in dehydration plants
    Meat, baby food, canning
    Pasta-based products, canning
    Pickles, manufacturing
    Pickling fruits and vegetables
    Pork and beans, canning
    Potato products (e.g., flakes, granules), dehydrating
    Potatoes, canning
    Preserves, jams and jellies, manufacturing
    Raisins, made in dehydration plants
    Relishes, canning
    Salad dressing mixes, dry, made in dehydration plants
    Salsa, canning
    Sauce mixes, dry, made in dehydration plants
    Sauces, tomato-based, canning
    Sauerkraut, manufacturing
    Soup mixes, made in dehydration plants
    Soups (except seafood), canning
    Spaghetti sauce, canning
    Sulphured fruit and vegetables, manufacturing
    Tomato juice, manufacturing
    Tomato paste, manufacturing
    Vegetable juices, canning
    Vegetables, brining
    Vegetables, canning
    Vegetables, dehydrating
    Vegetables, pickling
    Vegetables, sulphured, manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    mixing purchased dehydrated potatoes, rice, pasta and other ingredients; canning or dehydrating eggs; or
    canning puddings (see 311990 All other food manufacturing)
    manufacturing fruit-flavoured drinks (see 312110 Soft drink and ice manufacturing)


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