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Soft drink and ice manufacturing - 31211


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soft drinks, ice or bottled water, including that which is naturally carbonated. Water-bottling establishments in this industry purify the water before bottling it.

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    Example Activities:
    Block ice, manufacturing
    Bottling flavoured water
    Carbonated soda, manufacturing
    Carbonated soft drinks, manufacturing
    Coffee, iced, manufacturing
    Drinks, fruit (except juice), manufacturing
    Fruit drinks (except juice), manufacturing
    Ice (except dry ice), manufacturing
    Iced tea, manufacturing
    Mineral waters, purifying and bottling
    Naturally carbonated water, purifying and bottling
    Pop, soda, manufacturing
    Soda, carbonated, manufacturing
    Soft drinks, manufacturing
    Spring waters, purifying and bottling
    Tea, iced, manufacturing
    Water, artificially carbonated, manufacturing
    Water, naturally carbonated, purifying and bottling
    Water, purifying and bottling


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing frozen fruit and vegetable juice (see 311410 Frozen food manufacturing)
    canning fruit and vegetable juices (see 311420 Fruit and vegetable canning, pickling and drying)
    manufacturing milk-based drinks (see 311511 Fluid milk manufacturing)
    manufacturing soft drink bases or fruit syrups for flavouring (see 311930 Flavouring syrup and concentrate
    manufacturing non-alcoholic cider (see 311940 Seasoning and dressing manufacturing)
    manufacturing non-alcoholic beer (see 312120 Breweries)
    manufacturing non-alcoholic wine (see 312130 Wineries)
    manufacturing dry ice (see 325120 Industrial gas manufacturing)
    bottling water without purification (see 413210 Non-alcoholic beverage merchant wholesalers)


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