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Textile and fabric finishing - 31331


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in finishing yarn and thread, textile fabrics, textile products (except carpets and rugs), and clothing, not made in the same establishment. Finishing operations include bleaching; dyeing; printing fabrics (roller, screen, flock, plisse); chemical finishing for water repellency, fire resistance and mildew proofing; and mechanical finishing, such as preshrinking, calendering, napping and stone-washing.

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    Establishments, known as converters, primarily engaged in buying fabric in the grey and having it finished by contractors, are included.

    Example Activities:
    Batik work (hand painting on textile fabrics)
    Bleaching textile fibres, thread, yarn or fabrics
    Bleaching textile products (including clothing)
    Burling and mending fabrics, for the trade
    Calendering textile fabrics or textile products (including clothing)
    Carbonizing textile fibres
    Carding textile fibres
    Chemical finishing (e.g., for fire, mildew, water resistance) of textile fabrics, for the trade
    Combing textile fibres
    Dyeing clothing
    Dyeing textile products, for the trade
    Dyeing textile raw stock, fibres, thread, yarn or fabrics
    Embossing textile products (including clothing)
    Finishing clothing
    Finishing purchased fabrics
    Finishing textile fabrics
    Flock printing of textile fabrics
    Hair, animal (except horse), preparation (e.g., dressing, heckling, teasing, willowing)
    Hosiery dyeing and finishing
    Knit fabrics, dyeing or finishing
    Mechanical finishing of clothing
    Mercerizing textile fibres and fabrics
    Mildew proofing textile fabrics and products
    Napping textile fabrics
    Preparing textile fibres for spinning
    Preshrinking textile fabrics and clothing
    Printed fabrics, made from purchased fabric
    Printing on narrow fabrics
    Printing on textile fabrics
    Scouring and combing textile fibres
    Shrinking textile fabrics and products (including clothing)
    Sponging textile fabrics
    Sponging textiles for tailors and dressmakers
    Stone washing textile fabrics and clothing, for the trade
    Sueding textile fabrics
    Teaseling textile fabrics
    Textile products finishing
    Thread bleaching, dyeing and finishing
    Yarn bleaching, dyeing and finishing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    coating, rubberizing, varnishing or waxing fabrics (see 313320 Fabric coating)
    embroidering textile products and clothing (see 314990 All other textile product mills)
    knitting and finishing hosiery and socks, in the same establishment (see 315110 Hosiery and sock mills)
    knitting and finishing clothing, except hosiery and socks, in the same establishment (see 315190 Other
    clothing knitting mills)
    manufacturing and finishing men's and boys' cut-and-sew clothing, in the same establishment (see 315220
    Men's and boys' cut and sew clothing manufacturing)
    manufacturing and finishing women's and girls' cut-and-sew clothing, in the same establishment (see
    315249 Women's and girls' cut and sew clothing manufacturing)
    manufacturing and finishing other cut-and-sew clothing, in the same establishment (see 315289 All other
    cut and sew clothing manufacturing)
    fur dressing and dyeing (see 316110 Leather and hide tanning and finishing)
    printing on clothing (see 323113 Commercial screen printing)


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