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All other textile product mills - 31499


This industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in: manufacturing textile products. Establishments primarily engaged in garneting textile waste or other textile recycling; or embroidering textile products, including clothing, whether or not on a contract basis, are included.

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    Example Activities:
    Applying on textile products (except clothing)
    Applying on clothing owned by others
    Badges, fabric, manufacturing
    Bags, sleeping, manufacturing
    Banners, made from purchased fabric
    Bath mats and bath sets, made from purchased carpet
    Batts and batting (except nonwoven fabrics), manufacturing
    Belting, made from purchased fabric
    Binder and baler twine, manufacturing
    Binding carpets and rugs for the trade
    Bindings, bias, made from purchased fabric
    Bows, made from purchased fabrics
    Carpets and rugs, made from purchased fabric
    Cord (except tire, wire), manufacturing
    Cord for reinforcing rubber tires, industrial belting and fuel cells, manufacturing
    Cotton batting (except nonwoven batting), manufacturing
    Diapers (except disposable), made from purchased fabrics
    Dust cloths, made from purchased fabrics
    Embroidering on clothing owned by others
    Embroidering on textile products, for the trade
    Fabrics for reinforcing rubber tires, industrial belting and fuel cells, manufacturing
    Fishing line, natural or man-made fibres, manufacturing
    Fishing nets and seines, made in cordage or twine mills
    Flags, textile (e.g., banners, bunting, emblems, pennants), made from purchased fabrics
    Garnetting of textile waste and rags
    Glass tire cord and tire cord fabrics, manufacturing
    Lace, burnt-out, manufacturing
    Luggage linings, manufacturing
    Mouse pads (textile material laminated to a foam backing), manufacturing
    Padding and wadding (except nonwoven fabric), manufacturing
    Parachutes, manufacturing
    Pleating and hemstitching of made-up textile articles (except clothing)
    Quilting of textiles
    Rope (except wire rope), manufacturing
    Sleeping bags, manufacturing
    String, manufacturing
    Textile waste, processing
    Tire cord and fabric, of all materials, manufacturing
    Twine (except paper), manufacturing
    Upholstery filling, textile (except nonwoven fabric), manufacturing
    Waste, textile, processing of
    Weatherstripping made from purchased textiles


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing wire cable and rope (332619, Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing)


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