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Synthetic dye and pigment manufacturing - 32513


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing synthetic organic and inorganic dyes, pigments, lakes and toners.

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    Example Activities:
    Antimony based pigments, manufacturing
    Azine dyes, manufacturing
    Azo dyes, manufacturing
    Barytes based pigments, manufacturing
    Black pigments (except carbon, bone and lamp black), manufacturing
    Ceramic colours, manufacturing
    Chrome pigments (i.e., chrome green, chrome orange, chrome yellow), manufacturing
    Colour lakes and toners (i.e., organic pigments), manufacturing
    Colour pigments, inorganic (except bone, carbon and lamp black), manufacturing
    Colour pigments, organic (except animal black, bone black), manufacturing
    Copper based pigments, manufacturing
    Direct dyes, manufacturing
    Disperse dyes, manufacturing
    Dyes, inorganic and synthetic organic, manufacturing
    Ferric oxide pigments, manufacturing
    Fluorescent dyes, manufacturing
    Food colouring, synthetic, manufacturing
    Inorganic pigments (except bone, carbon and lamp black), manufacturing
    Iron based pigments, manufacturing
    Lakes (i.e., organic pigments), manufacturing
    Lead pigments, manufacturing
    Litharge, manufacturing
    Lithopone, manufacturing
    Metallic pigments, inorganic, manufacturing
    Organic pigments, dyes, lakes and toners, manufacturing
    Pearl essence pigment, synthetic, manufacturing
    Pigments (except animal black, bone black), organic, manufacturing
    Pigments (except bone, carbon and lamp black), inorganic, manufacturing
    Stains, biological, manufacturing
    Titanium based pigments, manufacturing
    Toners (except electrostatic, photographic), manufacturing
    White extender pigments (e.g., barytes, blanc fie, whiting), manufacturing
    Zinc based pigments, manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing carbon, bone and lamp black pigments (see 325189 All other basic inorganic chemical
    manufacturing wood or coal tar distillation products used as dyeing materials (see 325190 Other basic
    organic chemical manufacturing)
    manufacturing paint (see 325510 Paint and coating manufacturing)
    manufacturing printing ink (see 325910 Printing ink manufacturing)
    manufacturing toners for photocopiers, laser printers and similar electrostatic printing devices (see 32599
    All other chemical product manufacturing)


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