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Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing - 32541


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing drugs, medicines and related products for human or animal use. Establishments in this industry may undertake one or more of several processes, including basic processes, such as chemical synthesis, fermentation, distillation and solvent extraction; grading, grinding and milling; and packaging in forms suitable for internal and external use, such as tablets, vials, ampoules and ointments.

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    Example Activities:
    Acetylsalicylic acid, manufacturing
    Agar culture media, manufacturing
    Agar-agar grinding, manufacturing
    Amphetamines, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Analgesic preparations, manufacturing
    Anesthetic preparations, manufacturing
    Anesthetics, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Antibacterial preparations, manufacturing
    Antibiotics (including veterinary), manufacturing
    Antihistamine preparations, manufacturing
    Antiseptic preparations, manufacturing
    Bacterial vaccines, manufacturing
    Barbiturate preparations, manufacturing
    Barbiturates, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Birth control pills, manufacturing
    Blood derivatives, manufacturing
    Blood glucose test kits, manufacturing
    Cardiac preparations, manufacturing
    Cephalosporin, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Cold remedies, manufacturing
    Contact lens solutions, manufacturing
    Contraceptive preparations, manufacturing
    Cortisone, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Cough medicines, manufacturing
    Culture media, manufacturing
    Diagnostic biological preparations, manufacturing
    Diagnostic substances, in-vitro, manufacturing
    Digestive system preparations, manufacturing
    Digitoxin, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Diuretic preparations, manufacturing
    Endocrine products, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Enzyme proteins (i.e., basic synthetic chemicals), pharmaceutical use, manufacturing
    Eye and ear preparations, manufacturing
    Fish liver oils, medicinal, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Glandular derivatives, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Glandular medicinal preparations, manufacturing
    Glycosides, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Grinding and milling botanicals (i.e., for medicinal use)
    Hematology in-vivo diagnostic substances, manufacturing
    Hematology products (except diagnostic substances), manufacturing
    Herb grinding and milling (i.e., for medicinal use)
    HIV test kits, manufacturing
    Hormone in-vitro diagnostic substances, manufacturing
    Hormones and derivatives, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Insulin preparations, manufacturing
    Insulin, uncompounded, manufacturing
    In-vitro diagnostic substances, manufacturing
    In-vivo diagnostic substances, manufacturing
    Laxative preparations, manufacturing
    Medicinal chemicals, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Nicotine and derivatives (i.e., basic chemicals), manufacturing
    Nuclear medicine (e.g., radioactive isotopes) preparations, manufacturing
    Nutraceuticals, botanical based, manufacturing
    Oils, vegetable and animal, medicinal, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Opium and opium derivatives (i.e., basic chemicals), manufacturing
    Oral contraceptive preparations, manufacturing
    Patent medicine preparations, manufacturing
    Penicillin preparations, manufacturing
    Penicillin, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Pharmaceutical preparations (e.g., capsules, liniments, ointments, tablets), manufacturing
    Pituitary gland derivatives, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Pregnancy test kits, manufacturing
    Radioactive in-vivo diagnostic substances, manufacturing
    Salicylic acid, medicinal, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Sedative preparations, manufacturing
    Sodium chloride pharmaceutical preparations, manufacturing
    Steroids, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Sulpha drugs, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Tetracycline, uncompounded, manufacturing
    Toxoids (e.g., diphtheria, tetanus), manufacturing
    Tranquilizer preparations


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing basic chemicals requiring further processing or formulation before use as agriculture
    chemicals (see 3251 Basic chemical manufacturing)
    manufacturing agricultural lime products (see 327410 Lime manufacturing)


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