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Soap and cleaning compound manufacturing - 32561


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soap and other cleaning compounds.

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    Example Activities:
    Air fresheners, manufacturing
    Ammonia, household type, manufacturing
    Assistants, textile and leather finishing, manufacturing
    Automobile polishes and cleaners, manufacturing
    Bleaches, formulated for household use, manufacturing
    Brass polishes, manufacturing
    Cleaners, household type (e.g., oven, toilet bowl, window), manufacturing
    Cleaning and polishing preparations, manufacturing
    Cloths, dusting and polishing, chemically treated, manufacturing
    Dentifrices, manufacturing
    Deodorants (except personal), manufacturing
    Detergents (e.g., dishwashing, industrial, laundry), manufacturing
    Dishwasher detergents, manufacturing
    Disinfectants, household type and industrial, manufacturing
    Drain pipe cleaners, manufacturing
    Dry-cleaning preparations, manufacturing
    Dusting cloths, chemically treated, manufacturing
    Emulsifiers (i.e., surface active agents), manufacturing
    Fabric softeners, manufacturing
    Finishing agents, textile and leather, manufacturing
    Floor polishes and waxes, manufacturing
    Furniture polishes and waxes, manufacturing
    Hand soaps (e.g., hard, liquid, soft), manufacturing
    Laundry bleaches, formulated for household use, manufacturing
    Laundry soap, chips and powder, manufacturing
    Leather finishing assistants, manufacturing
    Metal polishes (i.e., tarnish removers), manufacturing
    Mordants, manufacturing
    Oils, soluble (i.e., textile finishing assistants), manufacturing
    Oven cleaners, manufacturing
    Penetrants, manufacturing
    Polishes (e.g., automobile, furniture, metal, shoe), manufacturing
    Polishing preparations, manufacturing
    Recycling dry-cleaning fluids
    Rug cleaning preparations, manufacturing
    Rust removers, manufacturing
    Scouring cleansers (e.g., pastes, powders), manufacturing
    Shoe polishes and cleaners, manufacturing
    Silver polishes, manufacturing
    Soaps (e.g., bar, chip, powder), manufacturing
    Spot removers (except laundry presoaks), manufacturing
    Starches, laundry, manufacturing
    Surface active agents, manufacturing
    Textile finishing assistants, manufacturing
    Textile scouring agents, manufacturing
    Toilet bowl cleaners, manufacturing
    Toothpastes, gels and tooth powders, manufacturing
    Tub and tile cleaning preparations, manufacturing
    Waxes, polishing (e.g., floor, furniture), manufacturing
    Wetting agents, manufacturing
    Window cleaning preparations, manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing industrial bleaches (see 325189 All other basic inorganic chemical manufacturing)
    manufacturing shampoos and shaving preparations (see 325620 Toilet preparation manufacturing)


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