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Clay building material and refractory manufacturing - 32712


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in shaping, moulding, baking, burning and hardening building materials and refractories. These products may be made of clay or other materials with similar properties.

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    Example Activities:
    Aluminous refractory cement, manufacturing
    Brick (i.e., common face, glazed, vitrified, hollow), clay, manufacturing
    Brick, clay refractory, manufacturing
    Brick, nonclay (e.g., chrome, magnesite, silica) refractory, manufacturing
    Cement, refractory, manufacturing
    Ceramic tile, floor and wall, manufacturing
    Clay brick, manufacturing
    Conduit, vitrified clay, manufacturing
    Coping, wall, clay, manufacturing
    Drain tile, clay, manufacturing
    Fire brick, clay refractories, manufacturing
    Floor tile, ceramic, manufacturing
    Flue lining, clay, manufacturing
    Kiln furniture, clay, manufacturing
    Liner brick and plates, vitrified clay, manufacturing
    Magnesia refractory cement, manufacturing
    Mortars, refractory, manufacturing
    Mosaic tile, ceramic, manufacturing
    Paving brick, clay, manufacturing
    Refractories (e.g., block, brick, mortar, tile), manufacturing
    Refractory cement and mortar, manufacturing
    Roofing tile, clay, manufacturing
    Sewer pipe and fittings, clay, manufacturing
    Structural clay tile, manufacturing
    Tile, ceramic wall and floor, manufacturing
    Tile, clay refractory, manufacturing
    Tile, clay, structural, manufacturing
    Tile, roofing and drain, clay, manufacturing
    Tile, sewer, clay, manufacturing
    Wall tile, ceramic, manufacturing


    No exclusions are specified in the 2017 NAICS Canada manual.


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