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Cutlery and hand tool manufacturing - 33221


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing cutlery and hand tools. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing files and other hand and edge tools for metalworking, woodworking and general maintenance are included.

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    Example Activities:
    Agricultural hand tools (e.g., hay forks, hoes, rakes, spades), non-powered, manufacturing
    Axes, manufacturing
    Bits, edge tools, woodworking, manufacturing
    Blades, saw, all types, manufacturing
    Carpenters' hand tools (except saws), non-powered, manufacturing
    Caulking guns, non-powered, manufacturing
    Chainsaw blades, manufacturing
    Chisels, manufacturing
    Clippers for animal use, non-powered, manufacturing
    Clippers, fingernail and toenail, manufacturing
    Clippers, hair, for human use, non-powered, manufacturing
    Cooking utensils, fabricated metal, manufacturing
    Cutlery, base metal plated with precious metal, manufacturing
    Cutlery, non-precious metal, manufacturing
    Cutters, glass, manufacturing
    Cutting dies (except metal cutting), manufacturing
    Dies, cutting (except metal cutting), manufacturing
    Drill bits, woodworking, manufacturing
    Drills, hand held, non-power, manufacturing
    Edge tools for woodworking (e.g., augers, bits, gimlets, countersinks), non-powered manufacturing
    Enameled metal cooking utensils, manufacturing
    Files and rasps, hand held, manufacturing
    Flatware (cutlery), base metal plated with precious metal, manufacturing
    Flatware (cutlery), non-precious metal, manufacturing
    Forks, hand tools (e.g., garden, hay, manure, stone), manufacturing
    Garden hand tools, non-powered, manufacturing
    Gear pullers, hand tools, manufacturing
    Guns, caulking, non-powered, manufacturing
    Hair clippers, for human or animal use, non-powered, manufacturing
    Hammers, hand tools, manufacturing
    Hand held edge tools, non-powered, manufacturing
    Hand saws, all non-powered types, manufacturing
    Hand tools, metal blade (e.g., putty knives, scrapers, screwdrivers), non-powered, manufacturing
    Hatchets, manufacturing
    Hedge shears and trimmers, non-electric, manufacturing
    Hoes, garden and masons' hand tools, manufacturing
    Jacks (except hydraulic and pneumatic), manufacturing
    Jacks (screw and ratchet), motor vehicle, manufacturing
    Jewellers' hand tools, non-powered, manufacturing
    Kitchen cutlery, base metal plated with precious metal, manufacturing
    Kitchen cutlery, non-precious metal, manufacturing
    Kitchen utensils (e.g., colanders, garlic presses, ice cream scoops, spatulas), fabricated metal, manufacturing
    Kitchen utensils (except cutting type), fabricated metal, manufacturing
    Knife blades, manufacturing
    Knives (e.g., hunting, pocket, table non-precious, table precious plated), manufacturing
    Knives, machine (except metal cutting), manufacturing
    Lawn and garden hand tools, non-powered, manufacturing
    Lawn mowers, non-powered, manufacturing
    Levels, carpenters', manufacturing
    Machine knives (except metal cutting), manufacturing
    Machinists' precision measuring tools (except optical), manufacturing
    Masons' hand tools, manufacturing
    Measuring tools, machinists' (except optical), manufacturing
    Mechanics' hand tools, non-powered, manufacturing
    Mitre boxes, manufacturing
    Picks (i.e., hand tools), manufacturing
    Planes, hand held, non-powered, manufacturing
    Plated (with precious metal) cutlery, manufacturing
    Plated (with precious metal) flatware (cutlery), manufacturing
    Pliers, hand tool, manufacturing
    Pressure cookers, household type, manufacturing
    Putty knives, manufacturing
    Rakes, non-powered hand tool, manufacturing
    Ratchets, non-powered, manufacturing
    Razor blades, manufacturing
    Razors (except electric), manufacturing
    Rulers, metal, manufacturing
    Saw blades, all types, manufacturing
    Saws, hand, non-powered, manufacturing


    No exclusions are specified in the 2017 NAICS Canada manual.


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