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Agricultural implement manufacturing - 33311


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery for use in performing farm operations, such as the preparation and maintenance of soil; planting, harvesting or threshing; field spraying; and preparing crops for market; or for use in horticultural and residential lawn care.

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    Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing snowblowers are included.

    Example Activities:
    Attachments for powered lawn and garden equipment, manufacturing
    Balers, farm (e.g., hay, straw, cotton), manufacturing
    Cabs for agricultural machinery, manufacturing
    Carts, lawn and garden type, manufacturing
    Chicken brooders, manufacturing
    Combines, harvester-threshers, manufacturing
    Cream separators, farm type, manufacturing
    Crop driers, farm type, manufacturing
    Dusters, farm type, manufacturing
    Farm tractors and attachments, manufacturing
    Farm wagons, manufacturing
    Feed grinders (i.e., crushers and mixers), farm type, manufacturing
    Feed processing equipment, farm type, manufacturing
    Fertilizing machinery, farm type, manufacturing
    Grading, cleaning and sorting machinery, farm type, manufacturing
    Grass mowing equipment (except lawn and garden), manufacturing
    Harvesting machinery and equipment, manufacturing
    Haying machines, manufacturing
    Hedge trimmers, powered, manufacturing
    Hog feeding and watering equipment, manufacturing
    Incubators, poultry, manufacturing
    Lawn and garden machinery (e.g., hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, tractors), powered, manufacturing
    Lawn mowers (except agricultural type), powered, manufacturing
    Milking machines, manufacturing
    Planting machines, farm type, manufacturing
    Ploughs, farm type, manufacturing
    Poultry brooders, feeders and waterers, manufacturing
    Sheep shears, powered, manufacturing
    Snowblowers and throwers, residential type, manufacturing
    Sprayers and dusters, farm type, manufacturing
    Tillers, lawn and garden type, manufacturing
    Tractors and attachments, farm type, manufacturing
    Tractors and attachments, lawn and garden type, manufacturing
    Windmills, farm type, manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing farm tractors (333110, Agricultural Implement Manufacturing)
    manufacturing mining and oil and gas field drilling equipment (333130, Mining and Oil and Gas Field Machinery Manufacturing).


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