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Material handling equipment manufacturing - 33392


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing material handling equipment.

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    Example Activities:
    Aerial work platforms, manufacturing
    Aircraft loading hoists, manufacturing
    Automobile hoists (i.e., tow truck, wrecker), manufacturing
    Automobile lifts (i.e., service station and garage type), manufacturing
    Belt conveyor systems, manufacturing
    Block and tackle, manufacturing
    Boat lifts, manufacturing
    Buckets, elevators or conveyors, manufacturing
    Cabs for industrial trucks and tractors, manufacturing
    Carousel conveyors (e.g., luggage), manufacturing
    Carts for moving goods (e.g., laundry, industrial), manufacturing
    Conveyor systems, general industrial type, manufacturing
    Conveyors, farm type, manufacturing
    Cranes, industrial truck, manufacturing
    Cranes, overhead travelling, manufacturing
    Dollies, industrial, manufacturing
    Elevators, farm type, manufacturing
    Elevators, passenger and freight, manufacturing
    Escalators, passenger and freight, manufacturing
    Farm conveyors, manufacturing
    Farm elevators, manufacturing
    Forklift trucks, manufacturing
    Hoists, manufacturing
    Industrial truck cranes, manufacturing
    Industrial trucks and tractors (plant and warehouse), manufacturing
    Laundry carts, manufacturing
    Lowering devices, burial, manufacturing
    Mechanics' creepers, manufacturing
    Monorail systems (except passenger), manufacturing
    Overhead conveyors, manufacturing
    Overhead travelling cranes, manufacturing
    Pallet movers, manufacturing
    Pneumatic tube conveyors, manufacturing
    Ship cranes and derricks, manufacturing
    Stairways, moving, manufacturing
    Straddle carriers, mobile, manufacturing
    Tractors, industrial, manufacturing
    Trucks, industrial (plant and warehouse), manufacturing
    Walkways, moving, manufacturing
    Wheelbarrows, manufacturing
    Winches, manufacturing
    Wire rope hoists, manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing farm-type wheeled tractors (33311, Agricultural Implement Manufacturing)
    manufacturing construction tractors and cranes (33312, Construction Machinery Manufacturing)


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