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All other general-purpose machinery manufacturing - 33399


This industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in: manufacturing machinery that is not designed for use in any specific industry.

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    Example Activities:
    Actuators, fluid power, manufacturing
    Arc-welding equipment, manufacturing
    Balances and scales, laboratory type, manufacturing
    Bathroom scales, manufacturing
    Battery-powered, hand held power tools, manufacturing
    Bottle washers, packaging machinery, manufacturing
    Bottling machinery (e.g., washing, sterilizing, filling, capping, labelling), manufacturing
    Bridge and gate lifting machinery, manufacturing
    Canning machinery, manufacturing
    Capping, sealing and lidding packaging machinery, manufacturing
    Carton filling machines, manufacturing
    Cartridge (i.e., powder) hand held power-driven tools, manufacturing
    Chain saws, hand held power-driven, manufacturing
    Circular saws, hand held power driven, manufacturing
    Coding, dating and imprinting packaging machinery, manufacturing
    Corded (i.e., electric-powered), hand held power tools, manufacturing
    Cremating ovens, manufacturing
    Cylinders, fluid power, manufacturing
    Dielectric industrial heating equipment, manufacturing
    Drills (except heavy construction, mining type), hand held power-driven, manufacturing
    Electrodes, welding, manufacturing
    Filters, industrial and general line (except for warm air furnaces and internal combustion engines), manufacturing
    Fire-fighting sprinklers, automatic systems, manufacturing
    Fluid power actuators, manufacturing
    Fluid power cylinders, manufacturing
    Fluid power motors, manufacturing
    Fluid power pumps, manufacturing
    Food packaging machinery, manufacturing
    Fuel cell-powered, hand held power tools, manufacturing
    Furnaces and ovens for drying and redrying, industrial process, manufacturing
    Furnaces, industrial process, manufacturing
    Gasoline-powered, hand held power tools, manufacturing
    Gate and bridge lifting machinery, manufacturing
    Guides, for hand held woodworking tool, manufacturing
    Hand tools, power-driven, manufacturing
    Heat treating ovens, industrial process type, manufacturing
    Hydraulic cylinders, fluid power, manufacturing
    Hydraulic pumps, fluid power, manufacturing
    Impact wrenches, hand held power-driven, manufacturing
    Incinerators, industrial process type, manufacturing
    Induction heating equipment, industrial process type, manufacturing
    Industrial scales, manufacturing
    Infrared ovens, industrial process type, manufacturing
    Jacks, hydraulic and pneumatic, manufacturing
    Jig saws, hand held power driven, manufacturing
    Kilns (except cement, chemical, wood), manufacturing
    Labelling (i.e., packaging machinery), manufacturing
    Laboratory furnaces, manufacturing
    Laboratory type equipment (e.g., furnaces, balances, centrifuges), manufacturing
    Laser welding equipment, manufacturing
    Motor truck scales, manufacturing
    Motors, fluid power, manufacturing
    Ovens, industrial process type, manufacturing
    Packaging machinery, manufacturing
    Paint baking and drying ovens, manufacturing
    Paint spray guns, pneumatic, hand held power-driven, manufacturing
    Parcel post scales, manufacturing
    Plasma welding equipment, manufacturing
    Pneumatic cylinders, fluid power, manufacturing
    Pneumatic pumps, fluid power, manufacturing
    Pneumatic, hand held power tools, manufacturing
    Powder-actuated hand held power tools, manufacturing
    Power-driven hand tools, manufacturing
    Pumps, fluid power, manufacturing
    Resistance welding and cutting equipment, manufacturing
    Retail scales (e.g., butcher, delicatessen, produce), manufacturing
    Routers, hand held power-driven, manufacturing
    Sanders, hand held power-driven, manufacturing
    Saws, hand held power driven, manufacturing
    Screwdrivers and nut drivers, hand held power driven, manufacturing
    Seam welding equipment, manufacturing
    Sieves and screening equipment, general industrial type, manufacturing
    Smelting ovens, manufacturing
    Soldering equipment (except hand held), manufacturing
    Sprinkler systems, automa...


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing bakery ovens, and cement, wood and chemical kilns (33329, Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing)
    manufacturing furnace filters.


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