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Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing - 33441


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing semiconductors and other electronic components.

The following activities involving printed circuit boards are undertaken in this industry: the production of the laminate material; the manufacture of the bare (rigid or flexible) printed circuit boards without mounted electronic components; and the loading of electronic components onto the boards.

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    Example Activities:
    Capacitors, electronic, fixed and variable, manufacturing
    Chokes for electronic circuitry, manufacturing
    Circuit boards, printed, bare, manufacturing
    Connectors, electronic (e.g., coaxial, cylindrical, printed circuit, rack, panel), manufacturing
    CRT (cathode ray tubes), manufacturing
    Diodes, solid state (e.g., germanium, silicon), manufacturing
    Electron tubes, manufacturing
    Fibre optic connectors, manufacturing
    Inductors, electronic component type (e.g., chokes, coils, transformers), manufacturing
    Integrated microcircuits, manufacturing
    Integrated optical circuits (IOC), manufacturing
    LCD (liquid crystal display) unit screens, manufacturing
    LED's (light emitting diodes), manufacturing
    Loaded computer boards, manufacturing
    Memory boards, manufacturing
    Memory chips, semiconductor, manufacturing
    Microcontroller chips, manufacturing
    Microprocessor chips, manufacturing
    Modems, personal computer, manufacturing
    MOS (metal oxide silicon) devices, manufacturing
    Optoelectronic devices, manufacturing
    Personal computer modems, manufacturing
    Photonic integrated circuits (PIC), manufacturing
    Printed circuit boards, bare (i.e., without mounted electronic components), manufacturing
    Printed circuit laminates, manufacturing
    RAM (random access memory) chips, manufacturing
    Rectifiers, electronic component-type, manufacturing
    Resistors, electronic, manufacturing
    Semiconductor devices, manufacturing
    Silicon waveguides, manufacturing
    Solar cells, manufacturing
    Telephone and telegraph transformers, electronic component type, manufacturing
    Transformers, electronic component type, manufacturing
    Transistors, manufacturing
    Vacuum tubes, manufacturing
    Wafers (i.e., semiconductor devices), manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing X-ray tubes (33451, Navigational, Measuring, Medical and Control Instruments Manufacturing)
    manufacturing wire and cable for electronic, computer and communications application.


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