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Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing - 33911


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing medical equipment and supplies. Establishments primarily engaged in grinding eyeglasses and hard contact lenses to prescription, on a factory basis, are included.

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    Example Activities:
    Abrasive points, wheels and disks, dental, manufacturing
    Adhesive tape, medical, manufacturing
    Bandages and dressings, surgical and orthopedic, manufacturing
    Blood transfusion equipment, manufacturing
    Bridges, custom made in dental laboratories
    Catheters, manufacturing
    Contact lenses, manufacturing
    Cotton and cotton balls, absorbent, manufacturing
    Dental chairs, manufacturing
    Dental equipment and instruments, manufacturing
    Dental furniture, manufacturing
    Dental glues and cements, manufacturing
    Dental laboratories
    Dental wax, manufacturing
    Denture materials, manufacturing
    Dentures, custom made in dental laboratories
    Ear stoppers (noise protectors), manufacturing
    Eyeglass frames and parts, manufacturing
    Eyeglasses, lenses and frames, manufacturing
    First-aid equipment and supplies, manufacturing
    Furniture, hospital (e.g., hospital beds, operating room furniture), manufacturing
    Gauze, surgical, made from purchased fabric
    Gloves (e.g., surgeons', electricians', household), rubber, manufacturing
    Glue, dental, manufacturing
    Gut sutures, surgical, manufacturing
    Hard hats manufacturing
    Hospital furniture (e.g., hospital beds, operating room furniture), manufacturing
    Hypodermic needles and syringes, manufacturing
    Lens grinding, ophthalmic (except in retail stores)
    Life preservers, inflatable, manufacturing
    Lifejackets, plastics, manufacturing
    Magnifiers, vision correcting type, manufacturing
    Magnifying glasses, manufacturing
    Medical and related instruments, apparatus and equipment (except electro-medical), manufacturing
    Ophthalmic instruments and apparatus (except laser surgery), manufacturing
    Orthodontic appliances, custom made in dental laboratories
    Orthopedic devices and materials, manufacturing
    Orthopedic extension shoes, manufacturing
    Personal safety devices, not specified elsewhere, manufacturing
    Prosthetic devices, manufacturing
    Protective industrial clothing, manufacturing
    Radiation shielding aprons, gloves and sheeting, manufacturing
    Respiratory protection equipment, personal, manufacturing
    Safety appliances and equipment, personal, manufacturing
    Safety clothing, manufacturing
    Shoes, orthopedic extension, manufacturing
    Splints, manufacturing
    Sunglasses, manufacturing
    Supports, orthopedic (e.g., abdominal, ankle, arch, kneecap), manufacturing
    Surgical bandages (including medicated), manufacturing
    Sutures, manufacturing
    Syringes, hypodermic, manufacturing
    Tape, medical adhesive, manufacturing
    Teeth, custom made in dental laboratories
    Ultrasonic dental equipment, manufacturing
    Ultrasonic medical cleaning equipment, manufacturing
    Wheelchairs, manufacturing


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    manufacturing moulded plastic lens blanks (32619, Other Plastic Product Manufacturing)
    manufacturing moulded glass lens blanks (32721, Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing)


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