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Electrical wiring and construction supplies merchant wholesalers - 41611


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling electrical wiring supplies and electrical construction material. Wholesalers of electrical generation and transmission equipment, such as transformers, motors, generators and powerhouse equipment, are also included.

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    Example Activities:
    Alarm signal systems, wholesale
    Bus bars and trolley ducts, wholesale
    Circuit breakers, wholesale
    Coaxial cable, wholesale
    Conduit electric wire and cable, wholesale
    Conduits and raceways, wholesale
    Construction materials, electrical, interior and exterior, wholesale
    Demand meters, wholesale
    Distribution transformers, wholesale
    Electric construction material, wholesale
    Electric lamps and lighting fixtures, parts and accessories, wholesale
    Electric transformers, wholesale
    Electrical construction materials, wholesale
    Electrical wiring supplies and electrical construction materials, wholesale
    Flashlights, wholesale
    Fuses and accessories, wholesale
    Generators, electrical, wholesale
    Insect control devices, electric, wholesale
    Insulated wire and cable, annunciator, building and power, wholesale
    Insulators, electrical, wholesale
    Lamps, floor, boudoir, desk, wholesale
    Light bulbs, electric, wholesale
    Lighting fixtures, residential, commercial and industrial, wholesale
    Measuring and testing equipment, electrical (except automotive), wholesale
    Panelboards, electrical distribution, wholesale
    Pole line hardware, wholesale
    Power house equipment, electrical, wholesale
    Power transmission equipment, electric, wholesale
    Receptacles, electrical, wholesale
    Relays, wholesale
    Signalling equipment, electrical, wholesale
    Street lighting equipment, wholesale
    Switchboards, electrical distribution, wholesale
    Switchgear and protective equipment, electrical, wholesale
    Testing and measuring equipment, electrical (except automotive), wholesale
    Transformers, electric, wholesale
    Voltage regulators (except motor vehicle), wholesale
    Wire, insulated, wholesale
    Wiring devices and related electrical supplies, wholesale


    No exclusions are specified in the 2017 NAICS Canada manual.


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