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Plumbing, heating and air-conditioning equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers - 41612


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling plumbing, heating and air-conditioning equipment and supplies.

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    Example Activities:
    Air-conditioning equipment (except window type units), wholesale
    Baseboard heaters, electric, non-portable, wholesale
    Bath tubs and sinks, wholesale
    Boilers (e.g., heating, hot water, power, steam), wholesale
    Compressors, air-conditioning, wholesale
    Condensing units, air-conditioning, wholesale
    Drinking fountains, non-refrigerated, wholesale
    Dust collecting equipment, wholesale
    Electric furnaces, wholesale
    Exhaust and air-moving equipment, wholesale
    Fireplaces, metal, wholesale
    Fixtures, plumbing, wholesale
    Furnaces and heaters, wholesale
    Gas and oil heating equipment, wholesale
    Gas appliances and supplies, wholesale
    Heat pumps, wholesale
    Heating and cooking equipment, non-electric, wholesale
    Hot water heaters, oil and gas, wholesale
    Humidifiers and dehumidifiers (except portable), wholesale
    Laundry tubs, wholesale
    Oil and gas heating equipment, wholesale
    Plumbers' brass goods, fittings and valves, wholesale
    Plumbing and heating equipment and supplies, wholesale
    Plumbing supplies, wholesale
    Pumps, electrical (except industrial), wholesale
    Radiators, heating equipment, wholesale
    Ranges (except electric), wholesale
    Ranges, stoves and furnaces (except electric), wholesale
    Refrigerators, gas, domestic, wholesale
    Sanitary ware, wholesale
    Sauna equipment, wholesale
    Solar heating panels and equipment, wholesale
    Sprinkler systems, wholesale
    Steam fittings, heating equipment, wholesale
    Tanks and bowls, toilet, wholesale
    Valves and fittings, plumbers', wholesale
    Ventilating equipment and supplies, wholesale
    Warm air heating and cooling equipment, wholesale
    Water heaters, electric, wholesale
    Water meters, wholesale
    Water softeners, wholesale


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    wholesaling window-type air-conditioners (414220, Household Appliance Wholesaler-Distributors)


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