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Business-to-business electronic markets, and agents and brokers - 419


This subsector comprises establishments primarily engaged in: buying and/or selling products, owned by others, and generally receiving a fee or a commission for the service. These establishments may be known as business-to-business electronic markets, commission merchants, import agents or brokers, export agents or brokers, manufacturers' agents, purchasing agents, selling agents, and they may deal in any type of product.

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    These establishments bring together sellers and buyers or undertake commercial transactions on behalf of a principal, without taking title of the goods bought or sold.


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    bringing together buyers and sellers of goods using the Internet in a business-to-consumer or
    consumer-to-consumer environment (see 45411 Electronic shopping and mail-order houses)
    operating as shipping agents (see 48851 Freight transportation arrangement)
    trading commodities and commodity futures, which are usually listed on a commodity exchange (see 5231
    Securities and commodity contracts intermediation and brokerage)
    buying and selling insurance, on a commission basis (see 524210 Insurance agencies and brokerages)
    buying and selling real estate, on a commission basis (see 53121 Offices of real estate agents and
    buying and selling goods on own account using a combination of electronic and traditional methods
    (classified according to the merchandise line or lines sold by the merchant wholesaler-distributor).

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