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Transit and ground passenger transportation - 485


This subsector comprises establishments primarily engaged in: a variety of passenger transportation activities, using equipment designed for those purposes. These activities are distinguished based on process factors, such as whether routes are scheduled, run over fixed routes, and charged on a per-seat or per-vehicle basis.


Establishments primarily engaged in:
crop-dusting using specialized aircraft (see 115110 Support activities for crop production),
fighting forest fires using specialized water bombers (see 115310 Support activities for forestry),
scheduled air transport (see 481110 Scheduled air transportation),
specialized air sightseeing services (see 487990 Scenic and sightseeing transportation, other),
aerial gathering of geophysical data (see 541360 Geophysical surveying and mapping services),
providing aerial mapping services (see 541370 Surveying and mapping (except geophysical) services),
flight training, including all training for commercial pilots (see 611510 Technical and trade schools),
operating air ambulance services using specialized equipment (see 621912 Air ambulance services).

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