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Internet broadcasting, and web search portals - 51913


This industry comprises establishments exclusively engaged in publishing and/or broadcasting content on the Internet or operating web sites, known as web search portals, that use a search engine to generate and maintain extensive databases of Internet addresses and content in an easily searchable format.

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    The Internet publishing and broadcasting establishments in this industry provide textual, audio, and/or video content of general or specific interest. These establishments do not provide traditional (non-Internet) versions of the content that they publish or broadcast. Establishments known as web search portals often provide additional Internet services, such as e-mail, connections to other web sites, auctions, news, and other limited content, and serve as a home base for Internet users.


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    retailing new and used goods using the Internet (44-45, Retail trade)
    providing Internet publishing and other print or electronic editions; offering direct on-line access to
    information that they publish or compile (see 511 Publishing industries (except internet))
    publishing databases (see 511140 Directory and mailing list publishers)
    traditional or combined broadcasting (see 515 Broadcasting (except internet))
    providing Internet access (see 517 Telecommunications)
    developing databases for the purpose of credit reporting (see 56145 Credit bureaus)


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