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Photographic services - 54192


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing still, video or computer photography services, including the video taping of special events. These establishments may specialize in a particular field of photography, such as aerial photography, commercial and industrial photography, portrait photography and special event photography.

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    Example Activities:
    Aerial photography services (i.e., photographers specializing in aerial photography, except map making)
    Commercial photography services
    Medical photography services
    Passport photography services
    Photography studios
    School photography (i.e., portrait photography) services
    Video photography services, portrait
    Video taping services for special events
    Video taping services for weddings
    Wedding and portrait photography services


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    producing commercial, institutional or educational films and videos (see 512110 Motion picture and video
    developing motion picture films (see 512190 Post-production and other motion picture and video
    supplying photographs to the news media (see 519110 News syndicates)
    taking, developing and selling artistic photographs (see 711511 Independent visual artists and artisans)
    developing still photographs (see 81292 Photo finishing services)
    supplying and servicing automatic photography machines in places of business operated by others (see
    812990 All other personal services)


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