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Specialty (except psychiatric and substance abuse) hospitals - 62231


This industry comprises establishments, licensed as hospitals, primarily engaged in providing diagnostic and medical treatment to in-patients with a specific type of disease or medical condition, except psychiatric or substance abuse.

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    Hospitals providing long-term care for the chronically ill and hospitals providing rehabilitation, restorative and adjustive services to physically-challenged or disabled people are included in this industry. Specialty hospitals may provide other services, such as out-patient services, diagnostic X-ray services, clinical laboratory services, physical therapy services, educational and vocational services, and psychological and social work services.

    Example Activities:
    Cancer hospitals
    Chronic disease hospitals
    Extended care hospitals
    Geriatric hospitals
    Maternity hospitals
    Nursing stations


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    diagnostic and therapeutic in-patient services for a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions (see 62211 General medical and surgical hospitals),
    diagnostic and treatment services for in-patients with psychiatric or substance abuse illnesses (see 622210 Psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals),
    in-patient nursing and rehabilitative services to persons requiring convalescence (see 623110 Nursing care facilities),
    residential care of persons with developmental handicaps (see 623210 Residential developmental handicap facilities).


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