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Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment (except automotive and electronic) repair and maintenance - 81131


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in repairing and maintaining commercial and industrial machinery and equipment, except automotive and electronic.

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    Example Activities:
    Construction machinery and equipment repairs
    Fire extinguishers, servicing
    Industrial equipment and machinery repairs
    Motor repairs, electric
    Reconditioning metal drums and shipping containers
    Repair of non-domestic cooling and refrigeration equipment
    Welding repair services (except construction)


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    rewinding armatures or rebuilding electric motors (see 335312 Motor and generator manufacturing),
    repairing and overhauling aircraft at the factory (see 336410 Aerospace product and parts manufacturing),
    repairing and overhauling railroad engines and cars at the factory (see 336510 Railroad rolling stock D41manufacturing),
    repairing and overhauling ships at the shipyard (see 336611 Ship building and repairing),
    repairing and servicing aircraft in a hangar (see 488190 Other support activities for air transportation),
    repairing and servicing railroad cars and engines in a railroad yard (see 488210 Support activities for rail transportation),
    repairing and overhauling ships at floating dry docks (see 488390 Other support activities for water transportation).


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