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Religious organizations - 81311


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating religious organization for religious worship, training or study; administering an organized religious or promoting religious activities.

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    Example Activities:
    Bible societies
    Convents (except schools)
    Missions, religions organizations
    Places of worship
    Reading rooms, promoting a religion
    Religious organizations
    Retreat houses, religious
    Shrines, religious


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    retailing used merchandise, operated by religious organizations (see 453310 Used merchandise stores),
    publishing newspapers, periodicals, books, databases, software and other works, operated by religious organizations (see 511 Publishing industries (except internet)),
    operating radio and television broadcasting studios and facilities, operated by religious organizations (see 515 Broadcasting (except internet), or 519130, Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals),
    providing instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects, operated by religious organizations (see 61 Educational services),
    providing health and social services, operated by religious organizations (see 62 Health care and social assistance),
    running bingos or casinos, operated by religious organizations (see 7132 Gambling industries).


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