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Other local, municipal and regional public administration - 91391


This industry comprises establishments of local governments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in executive and legislative activities; planning, fiscal and related policies and the administration of the public debt; assessing, levying and collecting taxes; conducting relations with other government; and the administration of local municipal, and regional government programs.

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    Example Activities

    City and town councils
    Community development agencies, local government
    Community health programs, local government
    Housing programs, local government
    Recreation programs, municipal administration
    Regional board/council, local government
    Tax collection, local administration
    Tourist information, local government


    Establishments primarily engaged in:
    electricity generation and distribution (see 2211 Electric power generation, transmission and distribution),
    water and sewer system operation (see 2213 Water, sewage and other systems),
    railway operation (see 482 Rail transportation),
    urban transit system operation (see 485110 Urban transit systems),
    airport operation (see 48811 Airport operations),
    port operation (see 488310 Port and harbour operations),
    archive or library operation (see 51912 Libraries and archives),
    garbage collection and disposal (see 562 Waste management and remediation services),
    operating schools and local school boards (see 61 Educational services),
    providing ambulatory health care services (see 621 Ambulatory health care services),
    hospital operation (see 622 Hospitals),
    residential care facility operation (see 623 Nursing and residential care facilities),
    museum and art gallery operation (see 71211 Museums).


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Salaries and wages

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