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  • CHEF

Vienna information (Code & Description)

Heads, busts
Butchers, chefs, waiters, pastrycooks
Spectacles, spectacle frames
Hair, locks of hair, wigs, beards, moustaches
A 9.3.13
Ties, bow ties, silk scarves
Other irregular parallelograms, trapezia and quadrilaterals, quadrilaterals containing one or more rounded corners
Several quadrilaterals juxtaposed, joined or intersecting
A 26.4.14
Quadrilaterals containing representations of human beings or parts of the human body
A 26.4.18
Quadrilaterals containing one or more letters

Goods (Nice class & Statement)

(1) Baby food; dietary fibre as a food additive; food for babies; infant foods
(2) Abalones; albumen for culinary purposes; albumin milk; alginates for culinary purposes; almond butter; almond milk for culinary purposes; almond milk-based beverages; aloe vera prepared for human consumption; anchovies; anchovy; anchovy fillets; animal fats for food; animal marrow for food; animal oils and fats for food; animal oils for food; antipasto salads; apple chips; apple purée; ark-shells; aromatized fruit; artificial cream; artificial fish roes; artificial sausage skins; aspic; bacon; bacon bits; baked beans; banana chips; bean curd; beancurd sticks; beef; beef bouillon; beef jerky; beef slices; beef tallow; beef tallow for food; blended cheese; blended oil for food; blocks of boiled, smoked and then dried bonitos [katsuo-bushi]; blood sausage; blue mussels; boiled and dried fish; bone oil for food; bottled cooked meat; bottled fruits; bottled vegetables; bouillon; bouillon concentrates; broth; broth concentrates; butter; buttercream; buttermilk; cabbage rolls; caesar salad; camellia seed oil for food; candied fruit; canned beef; canned chicken; canned cooked meat; canned cooked meats; canned fish; canned fruits; canned fruits and vegetables; canned green beans; canned meat; canned meat spreads; canned pork; canned processed olives; canned seafood; canned snails; canned soups; canned tomatoes; canned vegetables; canola oil; canola oil for food; carp; caviar; century eggs; cheese; cheese containing herbs; cheese containing spices; cheese dips; cheese in the form of dips; cheese powder; cheese rind; cheese spreads; cheese substitutes; chicharron; chick peas; chicken; chicken croquettes; chicken nuggets; chicken salad; chicken spreads; chicken wings; chocolate nut butter; clams; clarified butter; cocktail onions; cocoa butter; coconut butter; coconut fat; coconut milk; coconut milk for culinary purposes; coconut milk-based beverages; coconut oil and fat for food; coconut oil for food; coconut powder; coconut shrimp; cod; codfish; coleslaw; colza oil for food; compote; compotes; condensed milk; consommes; cooked dish consisting primarily of chicken and ginseng [samgyetang]; cooked dish consisting primarily of fermented vegetable, pork and tofu [kimchi-jjigae]; cooked dish consisting primarily of rich soybean paste and tofu [cheonggukjang-jjigae]; cooked dish consisting primarily of soybean paste and tofu [doenjang-jjigae]; cooked dish consisting primarily of stir-fried chicken and fermented hot pepper paste [dak-galbi]; cooked snails; cooking oil; corn dogs; corn oil for food; cow's milk; crabs; crayfish; creme fraiche; croquettes; crucian carps; crystallized fruit; crystallized fruits; crystallized gingers; cucumber kimchi [oi-sobagi]; curd; curdled milk; dairy cream; dairy cream powder; dairy curd; dairy products; dates; desiccated coconut; dill pickles; dried beans; dried beef; dried cranberries; dried dates; dried durians; dried edible black fungi; dried edible mushrooms; dried edible seaweed [hoshiwakame]; dried edible tremella fuciformis; dried eggs; dried figs; dried fish; dried flakes of laver for sprinkling on rice in hot water [ochazuke-nori]; dried fruit; dried fruit and vegetables; dried fruit mixes; dried herring roe; dried lentils; dried mangoes; dried meat; dried milk for food; dried milk powder; dried olives; dried pawpaws; dried pears; dried persimmon [got-gam]; dried pieces of agar jelly (kanten); dried pineapples; dried prawns; dried squid; dried truffles; dried vegetables; dry whey; duck eggs; edible ant larvae; edible bird's nests; edible birds' nests; edible bone oil; edible dried flowers; edible fats; edible frogs; edible laver; edible oils; edible oils and edible fats; edible shavings of dried kelp (tororo-kombu); eels; egg whites; egg yolks; eggs; evaporated milk; extra virgin olive oil; extra-virgin olive oil; extracts for soups; extracts of meat; extracts of poultry; falafel; fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; fermented bamboo shoots boiled and preserved in salt [menma]; fermented bean curd; fermented milk; fermented soybeans [natto]; fermented vegetables [kimchi]; fish; fish and meat preserves; fish croquettes; fish fillets; fish fingers; fish jelly; fish meal for human consumption; fish mousses; fish preserves; fish sausages; fish spreads; fish sticks; fishmeal for human consumption; flakes of dried fish meat [kezuri-bushi]; flaxseed oil for culinary purposes; foie gras; food casings; freeze-dried meat; freeze-dried tofu pieces (kohri-dofu); freeze-dried vegetables; french fries; fresh cheese; fresh unripened cheeses; fried chicken; fried meat; fried potatoes; fried tofu pieces (abura-age); frosted fruits; frozen bamboo shoots; frozen brackens [Gosari]; frozen celery; frozen celery cabbages; frozen eggs; frozen fish; frozen french fries; frozen fruits; frozen meat; frozen meat dinners; frozen shellfish; frozen vegetables; fruit and vegetable salads; fruit bars; fruit chips; fruit compotes; fruit fillings; fruit jam; fruit jellies; fruit jelly; fruit juices for cooking; fruit peel; fruit pie fillings; fruit preserved in alcohol; fruit preserves; fruit pulp; fruit purée; fruit salads; fruit salads and vegetable salads; fruit spreads; fruit topping; fruit-based snack food; fruits preserved in alcohol; game; game meat; garlic butter; ghee; gherkins; ginger jam; goat milk; grapeseed oil; grated potato nuggets; grilled meat dish [galbi]; grilled pork belly [samgyeopsal]; ground almond; ground beef; ground pork; gut for making food casings; gut for making sausage casings; gut for making sausages; haggis; ham; hamburger patties; hardened oils for food; hash brown potatoes; hen eggs; herrings; honey butter; hors d'oeuvres; hot dog sausages; hot dogs; hummus; hummus chick pea paste; hydrogenated oil for food; instant frozen vegetables; instant mashed potato; instant miso soup; instant soup; instant stew; isinglass for food; jams; jams and marmalades; jellies and jams; jellies for food; jelly made from devils' tongue root (konnyaku); jelly powders; jerky; kale chips; kefir; kielbasa; kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]; kiwifruit flakes; knuckle of ham; kolbassa; lactic acid bacteria drinks; lactic acid drinks; lard; lard for food; lecithin for culinary purposes; legume salads; lemon curd; lemon juice for culinary purposes; lemon spread; linseed oil for culinary purposes; liver; liver pastes; liver pate; lobster; low fat dairy spreads; low-fat potato chips; low-fat potato crisps; lox; lyophilised vegetables; lyophilized meat; maize oil for food; margarine; marmalade; marmalades; marmalades and jams; mashed avocado; meat; meat and meat extracts; meat by-products; meat extracts; meat floss; meat jellies; meat jelly; meat preserves; meat purée; meat spreads; meat stocks; meatballs; milk; milk and milk products; milk beverages containing fruits; milk beverages with high milk content; milk curd; milk drinks containing fruits; milk of almonds for beverage; milk powder; milk powder for food purposes; milk powder for nutritional purposes; milk products; milk shakes; milk solids; milkshakes; mincemeat; mixed vegetables; mold-ripened cheese; mortadella; mould-ripened cheese; mullet roe salad; mushrooms puree; mussels; non-alcoholic eggnog; non-dairy creamers; nut topping; nut-based snack mixes; oat milk; octopuses; oils and fats for food; olive oil for food; olive oils; olive pastes; onion rings; organic milk; oysters; packaged meats; palm kernel oil for food; palm oil for food; peach flakes; peanut butter; peanut milk; peanut milk-based beverages; peanut oil; peanut oil for food; pectin for culinary purposes; peeled tomatoes; perch; pickled fruits; pickled hot peppers; pickled onions; pickled peppers; pickled vegetables; pickles; pie fillings; plaices; pork; pork rind; potato chips; potato crisps; potato crisps and chips; potato flakes; potato fritters; potato sticks; potato-based dumplings; poultry; poultry and game; powdered eggs; powdered milk; powdered milk for food purposes; powdered oils and fats for food; pre-cooked curry stew; pre-cooked miso soup; pre-cooked soup; pre-cooked stew; preparations for making bouillon; preparations for making soup; prepared beef; prepared dishes consisting principally of meat; prepared escamoles; prepared escargot; prepared fish roe; prepared meals consisting principally of game; prepared meals primarily consisting of cooked fruits and vegetables; prepared meat; prepared pistachio; prepared salads; prepared snails; prepared stock; prepared stock for kitchen use; prepared walnuts; preserved artichokes; preserved balloon flower root [Doraji]; preserved fruit and vegetables; preserved fruits; preserved garlic; preserved meat; preserved meats and sausages; preserved onions; preserved plums; preserved vegetables in oil; processed olive puree; prostokvasha [soured milk]; protein for use as a food additive; protein for use as a food filler; protein milk; protein shakes; proteinenriched milk; puffed pork rind; quail eggs; raisins; rape oil for food; red snapper; red snappers; rennet; rice bran oil for food; rice milk; rice milk for culinary purposes; ripened cheeses; roast beef; roasted nuts; ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; salmon; salt-fermented sea urchin roe; salted eggs; salted fish; salted meats; sandwich spread; sardines; sauerkraut; sausage casing; sausage casings; sausage meat; sausages; sausages in batter; sea basses; sea breams; sea cucumbers; sea salmon and trout roe; sea urchins; seafood; seafood spreads; seasoned laver [Jaban-gim]; seaweed extracts for food; seed butters; sesame oil for food; sheep cheese; sheep milk; sheets of dried laver (hoshi-nori); shellfish; shellfish for human consumption; short-necked clams; shortening; shrimps, prawns, and lobsters; silkworm chrysalis for human consumption; silver carp; sliced and seasoned barbequed beef [bulgogi]; smetana [sour cream]; smoked fish; smoked meat; smoked meats; smoked salmon; smoked sausages; snack food dips; snail eggs for consumption; soft cheese; soft white cheese; soft-shelled turtles; soup; soup bases; soup concentrates; soup cubes; soup mixes; soup pastes; soups; soups and preparations for making soups; sour milk; soy bean oil for food; soy milk; soy-based beverage for use as a milk substitute; soy-based butter substitute; soy-based cheese substitute; soya bean oil for food; soya milk; soybean milk; soybean oil; soybean oil for cooking; spicy beef broth [yukgaejang]; spicy pickles; steamed cakes of smashed fish and yam (hampen); steamed or toasted cakes of fish paste (kamaboko); stewed fruit; stock cubes; strained cheese; strained soft white cheeses; sunflower oil for food; sunflower seeds; sweetfish; swordfish; tahini [sesame seed paste]; tempeh; textured vegetable protein; tinned fish; tinned fruits; tinned meat; tinned olives; tinned seafood; tinned tomatoes; tinned vegetables; toasted laver; toasted sheets of laver (yaki-nori); tofu; tofu skin; tomato extracts; tomato juice for cooking; tomato paste; tomato preserves; tomato purée; tripe; trout; tube-shaped toasted cakes of fish paste (chikuwa); tuna fish; unripened cheese; vegetable based spread; vegetable juices for cooking; vegetable mousses; vegetable oil for cooking; vegetable oils and fats for food; vegetable puree; vegetable salads; vegetable side dishes; vegetable soup preparations; vegetarian sausages; whale oil and fat for food; whales; whey; whipped cream; whipping cream; white cheese; white of eggs; wieners; yaourt; yaourt drinks; yoghourt; yoghourt drinks; yoghurt; yoghurt drinks; yogourt; yogourt drinks; yogurt; yolk of eggs; yuca chips
(3) Additives for use as food flavouring; adlay flour for food; agave syrup for use as a natural sweetener; alimentary pasta; alimentary paste; allspice; almond cake; almond confectionery; almond paste; aniseed; apple pie; artificial coffee; artificial coffee and tea; asian apricot tea [maesilcha]; asian noodles; bagels; baking powder; baking soda; baking spices; baking-powder; barley flour; barley meal; barley tea; bars of sweet jellied bean paste [Yohkan]; bean jam buns; bean meal; bean-jam filled wafers [monaka]; bean-starch noodles [harusame, uncooked]; bee glue; beef pies; beer vinegar; beverage flavourings; beverages made of coffee; beverages made of tea; bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes; binding agents for edible ices; binding agents for ice cream; biscotti; biscuit mixes; biscuits; biscuits and bread; black tea; bonbons made of sugar; bread; bread and buns; bread and pastry; bread baguettes; bread containing psyllium; bread crumb; bread doughs; bread flavoured with spices; bread mixes; bread pudding; bread rolls; bread with soy bean; breadcrumbs; breadsticks; breakfast cereals; brine for cooking; brine for use in cocktails; brittle; brown rice; brown sugar; brownie squares; bubble gum; buckwheat flour for food; buns; burritos; butter biscuits; butterscotch chips; caffeine-free coffee; cake batter; cake dough; cake doughs; cake frosting; cake icing; cake mixes; cake powder; cakes; cakes of sugar-bounded millet or popped rice [okoshi]; calzones; candies; candy decorations for cakes; candy floss; candy for food; candy mints; candy with caramel; candy with cocoa; cannelloni; capers; caramels; castor sugar; celery salt; cereal bars; cereal-based bars; cereal-based snack food; chai tea; chamomile; chamomile-based beverages; cheeseburger sandwiches; chewing gum; chewing gums; chicken pies; chicory and chicory mixtures for use as coffee substitutes; chili oil for use as a seasoning or condiment; chili powder; chimichanga; Chinese rice noodles [bifun, uncooked]; Chinese steamed dumplings (shumai, cooked); Chinese stuffed dumplings (gyoza, cooked); chocolate; chocolate and chocolates; chocolate bark containing ground coffee beans; chocolate bars; chocolate cake; chocolate cakes; chocolate candies; chocolate chips; chocolate confectionery; chocolate confections; chocolate covered nuts; chocolate covered pretzels; chocolate for confectionery and bread; chocolate mousses; chocolate pastes; chocolate spreads containing nuts; chocolate syrup; chocolate topped pretzels; chocolate topping; chocolate with Japanese horseradish; chocolate-based meal replacement bars; chocolate-based spreads; chutney; chutney condiments; cinnamon; cinnamon powder; citron tea; clove powder; cocoa; cocoa extracts for human consumption; cocoa powder; cocoa spreads; cocoa that is granulated for drinks; cocoa-based beverages; coffee; coffee and artificial coffee; coffee and coffee substitutes; coffee and tea; coffee based beverages; coffee beverages with milk; coffee essences; coffee essences for use as substitutes for coffee; coffee extracts; coffee extracts for use as substitutes for coffee; coffee substitutes; coffee-based beverages; cones for ice cream; confectionery crystal sugar pieces; confectionery fondants; confectionery fruit jellies; confectionery fruit pastes; confectionery ices; cooked dish consisting primarily of dough flakes with broth [sujebi]; cooked dish consisting primarily of sliced oval rice cakes with broth [tteokguk]; cooked dish consisting primarily of stir-fried rice cake with fermented hot pepper paste [topokki]; cooked rice; cooked rice mixed with vegetables and beef [bibimbap]; cookies; cookies and crackers; cooking salt; corn chips; corn flakes; corn flour; corn flour for food; corn grits; corn meal; corn starch; corn starch flour; corn starch for food; corn syrup; corn-based snack food; cornflour; cornmeal; cotton candy; couscous; couscous semolina; crackers; cream buns; cream of tartar for culinary purposes; cream puffs; crepes; croissants; crumpets; crushed barley; crushed oats; cube sugar; currant bread; curry pastes; curry powder; custard; danish bread; danish pastries; dessert mixes; dessert mousse; dessert puddings; dough; doughnuts; dressings for salad; dried bread crumbs; dried cooked-rice; dried coriander for use as seasoning; dried coriander seeds for use as seasoning; dried pasta; dried pieces of wheat gluten [uncooked fu]; dried sugared cakes of rice flour [rakugan]; dry instant pudding; dulce de leche; dumpling skins; Earl Grey tea; edible cake decorations; edible flour; edible food wafers; edible fruit ices; edible ices; edible rice paper; edible salt; edible spices; edible turmeric; edible wafers; empanada dough; empanadas; enchiladas; energy bars; English cream; English muffins; English tea; fajitas; farina; farinaceous food pastes; farinaceous food pastes for human consumption; fermented hot pepper paste [gochujang]; fermenting malted rice [koji]; filled chocolate; filled pasta; filo doughs; fish pies; flan base wafers; flapjacks; flat bread; flavoured vinegar; flavourings for butter; flavourings for cakes; flavourings for cheeses; flavourings for soups; flavourings of almond; flavourings of almond for food or beverages; flavourings of lemons; flavourings of lemons for food or beverages; flavourings of tea; flaxseed for culinary purposes; flaxseed for human consumption; flour; flour for food; flour for making dumplings of glutinous rice; flour-based dumplings; flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; focaccia bread; food flavourings; food seasonings; food stuffing mixes; frappes; freeze-dried dishes with main ingredient being pasta; freeze-dried dishes with main ingredient being rice; french toast; fresh pasta; fresh pizza; fried dough cookies [karintoh]; fried dough twists; frosting mixes; frozen confectionery; frozen cookie dough; frozen desserts; frozen flavoured waters; frozen yoghurt; frozen yogurt cakes; frozen yogurt confections; frozen yogurt pies; frozen yogurt pies and cakes; fructose for food; fruit bread; fruit breads; fruit cakes; fruit flavourings; fruit ices; fruit jelly candy; fruit paste for flavouring of food; fruit pies; fruit teas; fruitbased confectionery; garlic bread; gateaux; ginger tea; gingerbread; ginseng tea; glucose for culinary purposes; glucose for food; gluten for food; gluten-free bread; glutinous pounded rice cake coated with bean powder [injeolmi]; glutinous starch syrup [mizu-ame]; golden syrup; graham crackers; granola bars; granolabased snack bars; granola-based snack food; granulated coffee for drinks; granulated sugar; green onion pancake [pajeon]; green tea; groats for human food; ground coffee beans; halvah; ham glaze; hamburger sandwiches; hardtack biscuits; herbal flavourings for making beverages; herbal honey; herbal tea beverages; herbal teas; herbs for food purposes; high-protein cereal bars; hominy; hominy grits; honey; honey and treacle; honey for food; honey substitutes; horseradish; hot chocolate; hot dog sandwiches; hot pepper powder; husked barley; husked oats; husked rice; ice; ice blocks; ice candies; ice cream; ice cream bars; ice cream cones; ice cream gateaux; ice cream mixes; ice cream powder; ice cream sandwiches; ice cubes; ice for refreshment; ice-cream; ice-cream cakes; iced cakes; iced coffee; iced tea; ices and ice creams; icing; icing mixes; instant Chinese noodles; instant coffee; instant dessert puddings; instant doughnut mixes; instant noodles; instant pancake mixes; instant pudding mixes; instant rice; instant soba noodles; instant tea; instant udon noodles; jam buns; Japanese arrowroot powder for food [kudzu-ko]; Japanese green tea; Japanese horseradish powder spice [wasabi powder]; Japanese pepper powder spice [sansho powder]; Japanese savory pancakes [okonomiyaki]; Japanese sponge cakes [kasuter]; Japanese style steamed cakes (mushi-gashi); jasmine tea; jelly beans; kasha; ketchup; kettle corn; kimchi pancakes [kimchijeon]; korean traditional pressed sweets in the form of cookies [dasik]; korean-style dried seaweed rolls containing cooked rice [gimbap]; korean-style dumplings [mandu]; lasagna; leaven; lime tea; linseed for culinary purposes; linseed for human consumption; liquorice; lollipops; low-salt bread; lyophilised dishes with main ingredient being pasta; lyophilised dishes with main ingredient being rice; lyophilized dishes with main ingredient being pasta; lyophilized dishes with main ingredient being rice; macaroni; macaroons; maize flakes; maize flour; maize meal; malt biscuits; malt extract for food; malt for human consumption; malt used as food flavouring; maltose; maltose for food; maple syrup; marinades; marshmallow; marshmallow topping; marzipan; marzipan substitutes; mayonnaise; meat gravies; meat juice; meat pies; meat tenderizers for household purposes; meringues; milk chocolate; mincemeat pies; mint for confectionery; mixes of sweet adzuki-bean jelly [mizu-yokan-no-moto]; mixtures of coffee and chicory; molasses; molasses for food; molasses syrup; moon cakes; muesli; muffin mixes; muffins; mulled barley; multigrain bread; mung bean pancakes [bindaetteok]; mustard; mustard meal; mustard powder; naan bread; nachos; natural sweeteners; nonalcoholic chocolate-based beverages; non-alcoholic coffee-based beverages; non-alcoholic tea-based beverages; non-confectionery crystal sugar; nonpareils; noodle-based prepared meals; noodles; nougat; nut flours; nutmegs; oat bran cereals; oat flakes; oatmeal; onion biscuits and cheese biscuits; oolong tea; palm sugar; pancakes; panettone; pasta; pasta and noodles; pasta for soups; pasta side dishes; pasta-wrappings for gyoza; pastries; pastry; pastry icing; pastry shells for monaka; peanut confectionery; pecan logs; pelletshaped rice crackers [arare]; pepper; pepper powder; peppermint; peppermint candy; peppermint for confectionery; perilla powder for food; petit-beurre biscuits; petits fours cakes; phyllo dough; piccalilli; pie crusts; pies; pita bread; pizza; pizzas; popcorn; poppadums; popping corn; pork pies; potato flour; potato flour for food; pounded rice cakes [mochi]; pounded wheat; powder for edible ices; powdered cocoa for drinks; powdered coffee for drinks; powdered starch syrup for food; powdered sugar; powders for making ice cream; pralines; prawn crackers; preparations for stiffening whipped cream; prepared cocoa and cocoa-based beverages; prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages; prepared horseradish; prepared meat pies; prepared pasta; prepared pizzas; prepared ravioli; preserved garden herbs; processed garlic for use as seasoning; propolis; puddings; puffed rice; quesadillas; quiche; quiches; ravioli; raw sugar; ready-to-eat cereals; red bean porridge [patjuk]; relishes; ribbon vermicelli; rice; rice ball [onigiri]; rice crackers [senbei]; rice dumplings dressed with sweet bean jam [ankoro]; rice flour; rice pudding; rice side dishes; rice starch flour; rice-based snack food; risotto; roasted and ground sesame seeds; roasted cocoa for drinks; roasted coffee beans; roasted coffee for drinks; rolled oats and wheat; royal jelly; rusks; sage; sage tea; sago; sago palm starch for food; salad dressings; salt and pepper; salt for preserving foodstuffs; salted biscuits; saltine crackers; sandwiches; sausage rolls; savarins; savoury and salted biscuits; savoury biscuits; sea salt; sea water for cooking; seasoned bean paste; seasoned salt; seasonings; semolina; shaved ices with sweetened red beans; sherbet mixes; sherbets; shortbread biscuits; shrimp rolls; snack crackers; soda bread; soft pinrolled cakes of pounded rice [gyuhi]; soft pretzels; sopapilla; sorbets; soy-based ice-cream substitute; soya bean paste condiment; soya flour; spaghetti; spices; spices in the form of powders; sponge cakes; spring rolls; star aniseed; starch for food; starch syrup for food; starch-based candies (ame); steamed buns stuffed with minced meat [niku-manjuh]; steamed rice; steel cut oats; stir-fried noodles with vegetables [Japchae]; stir-fried rice; submarine sandwiches; sugar; sugar confectionery; sugar substitutes; sugar-coated coffee beans; sugar-coated hard caramels; sugar-free candies; sugar-free chewing gum; sugared beans (amanatto); sugarfree chewing gum; sugarless candies; sugarless chewing gum; sushi; sweet bean jam coated with sugared-bean based soft shell [nerikiri]; sweet dumplings (dango); sweet potato starch for food; sweet pounded rice cakes [mochi-gashi]; sweet rice with nuts and jujubes [yaksik]; sweetened gelatin; sweetmeat made of sesame oil; sweets in the form of candy; tabbouleh; table salt; table salt mixed with sesame seeds; taco chips; taco shells; tacos; taffy; tapioca; tapioca flour for food; tarts; tea; tea extracts; tea of parched powder of barley with husk (mugi-cha); tea of salty kelp powder (kombu-cha); tea substitutes; theine-free tea sweetened with sweeteners; thickening agents for cooking; tiramisu; toast; toasted grain flour; toffee candies; toffees; tortilla chips; tortillas; treacle; turbinado sugar; turmeric; turmeric for food; uncooked artificial rice; uncooked Chinese noodles; uncooked enriched rice; uncooked Japanese soba noodles of buckwheat; uncooked macaroni; uncooked somen wheat noodles; uncooked spaghetti; uncooked udon noodles; unleavened bread; unleavened bread in thin sheets; unroasted coffee; vanilla; vanilla flavorings; vegan mayonnaise; vegetable preparations for use as coffee substitutes; vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes; vermicelli; vinegar; wafer doughs; waffles; wasabi; water ice; wheat flour; wheat flour for food; wheat germ; wheat germ for human consumption; wheat starch flour; wheat-based snack food; White lotus tea [Baengnyeoncha]; white sugar; whole wheat bread; wholemeal bread; wholemeal rice; wild rice; wine vinegar; wonton chips; wrap sandwiches; yeast; yeast extracts; yeast extracts for food; yeast extracts for human consumption; yeast for use as an ingredient in foods; yeast powder;
(4) Agricultural seeds; arrangements of fresh fruit; barley; bearberry; beverages for canines; bilberry; bran; bulbs for agricultural purposes; bulbs for horticultural purposes; coconut; fresh almonds; fresh apple mangos; fresh apples; fresh apricots; fresh artichokes; fresh asparagus; fresh avocados; fresh balloon flower root [Doraji]; fresh bamboo shoots; fresh bananas; fresh bean sprouts; fresh beans; fresh beets; fresh betel nuts; fresh black raspberry [bokbunja]; fresh blood oranges; fresh blueberries; fresh brussel sprouts; fresh cabbage; fresh carambolas; fresh carrots; fresh cashew nuts; fresh cherry tomatoes; fresh chervil; fresh chestnuts; fresh chick peas; fresh chickpeas; fresh chillies; fresh chives; fresh citrus fruit; fresh coconuts; fresh cola nuts; fresh corni fructus [Sansuyu] in the nature of live plants; fresh corsages; fresh cranberries; fresh cucumbers; fresh culinary herbs; fresh cut garlands; fresh cut wreaths; fresh dates; fresh dragon fruits; fresh durians; fresh edible aloe vera; fresh edible flowers; fresh edible mushrooms; fresh eggplants; fresh fern [gosari]; fresh flowers; fresh fruit; fresh fruit and vegetables; fresh garden herbs; fresh garlic; fresh ginger; fresh gingko nuts; fresh grapefruits; fresh grapes; fresh green beans; fresh guavas; fresh hazelnuts; fresh herbs; fresh horseradish root; fresh jackfruit; fresh Japanese edible horseradishes [wasabi]; fresh japanese persimmons; fresh kale; fresh kiwi fruit; fresh kumquats; fresh leeks; fresh legumes; fresh lemons; fresh lentils; fresh lichee; fresh limes; fresh loquats; fresh lychee; fresh lychees; fresh mandarin oranges; fresh mangos; fresh mangosteens; fresh melons; fresh mushrooms; fresh napa cabbage [baechu]; fresh nuts; fresh oats; fresh onions; fresh oranges; fresh oriental melon [cham-oe]; fresh papayas; fresh parsley; fresh peaches; fresh peanuts; fresh pears; fresh peas; fresh peppers; fresh perilla leaves (shiso); fresh pine nuts; fresh plantains; fresh potatoes; fresh pulses; fresh pumpkins; fresh rambutans; fresh rhubarb; fresh scallions; fresh shiitake mushrooms; fresh spinach; fresh strawberries; fresh string beans; fresh sweet potatoes; fresh tangerines; fresh tomatoes; fresh truffles; fresh vegetable marrows; fresh vegetables; fresh walnuts; fresh watermelon; fresh wheat; fresh wheatgrass; fresh wine grapes; fresh yams; fresh zucchini; fruit seeds; fruits and vegetables featuring apples, pears and carrots; garlands of natural flowers; gift baskets containing fresh fruits; gift baskets of fresh fruits; hazelnuts; herbs for sachets; kola nuts; lemons; sesame; soybeans; unprocessed grain; unprocessed grains for eating; unprocessed mushrooms; unprocessed oil seeds; unprocessed rice; vegetable seeds; wheat
(5) Aerated fruit juice; aerated mineral waters; aerated water; alcohol free aperitifs; alcohol free wine; alcohol-free beers; ale; ale and porter; antioxidant juice drinks; apple juice beverages; bottled drinking water; bottled water; carbonated mineral water; carbonated soft drinks; carbonated water; carbonated waters; coconut water; coffee-flavored soft drinks; cola; cola drinks; concentrated fruit juice; concentrates for making fruit drinks; concentrates for making fruit juices; concentrates used in the preparation of soft drinks; cranberry juice; de-alcoholised beer; de-alcoholized beer; de-alcoholized wines; drinking water; dry ginger ale; effervescent water; energy drinks; essences for making flavoured mineral water; essences for making soft drinks; essences for the preparation of mineral waters; extracts of hops for making beer; flat water; flavoured beers; flavoured mineral water; flavoured waters; frozen fruit beverages; frozen fruit drinks; frozen fruit-based beverages; fruit beverages and fruit juices; fruit drinks and fruit juices; fruit drinks and juices; fruit flavoured carbonated drinks; fruit flavoured drinks; fruit flavoured soft drinks; fruit juice; fruit juice concentrates; fruit juices; fruit nectars; fruit-based soft drinks flavoured with tea; fruit-flavored beverages; fruit-flavoured beverages; fruit-flavoured drinks; ginger ale; glacial water; grape juice; grape juice beverages; grapefruit juice; hop extracts for manufacturing beer; ice tea powder mix; iced fruit beverages; imitation beer; isotonic beverages; isotonic drinks; lager; lemon juice; lemon squash; lemonades; lithia water; low calorie soft drinks; malt syrup for beverages; malt wort; meal replacement drinks; mineral and aerated waters; mineral and carbonated waters; mineral water; mixed fruit juice; must; non-alcoholic beer flavored beverages; non-alcoholic beverages containing fruit juices; non-alcoholic beverages flavored with tea; non- alcoholic beverages with tea flavor; non-alcoholic carbonated beverages; non-alcoholic carbonated drinks; non-alcoholic cinnamon punch with dried persimmon [sujeonggwa]; non-alcoholic cocktails; non-alcoholic cordials; non-alcoholic fruit drinks; non-alcoholic fruit extracts; non-alcoholic fruit extracts used in the preparation of beverages; non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; non-alcoholic fruit punch; non-alcoholic honeybased beverages; non-alcoholic kvass; non-alcoholic rice punch [sikhye]; non-dairy soy beverages; orange juice; orange juice beverages; orgeat; pale ale; pineapple juice beverages; powder used in the preparation of fruit juices; powder used in the preparation of soft drinks; powders for effervescing beverages; preparations for making aerated water; preparations for making beer; preparations for making mineral water; proteinenriched sports beverages; quinine water; ramune [Japanese soda pop]; seltzer water; sherbet beverages; smoked plum juice beverages; smoothies; soda pop; soda pops; soda water; soft drink concentrates; soft drinks; sparkling water; sports drinks; spring water; still water; stout; syrups for beverages; syrups for lemonade; syrups for making fruit-flavored drinks; syrups for making fruit-flavored soft drinks; syrups for making non-alcoholic beverages; syrups for the preparation of fruit juices; syrups for the preparation of soft drinks; table waters; toasted-malt beer; tomato juice; tomato juice beverages; tonic water; vegetable juice beverages; vegetable juices;

Services (Nice class & Statement)

(1) Agency services for reservation of restaurants; agency services for restaurant reservations; bar services; bistro services; cafe-restaurants; cafeteria services; cafeterias; café services; cafés; canteen services; carryout restaurants; catering for the provision of food and beverages; catering in fast-food cafeterias; catering of food and drinks; catering services; cocktail lounge services; coffee shop services; coffee shops; coffee supply services; coffee supply services for offices; coffee-house services; dairy bar services; fast food and non-stop restaurant services; fast-food restaurants; fast-food snackbars; food and drink catering; food sculpting; pizza parlors; pubs; restaurant services; restaurants; self service restaurants; self-service restaurants; snack bar and canteen services; snack bar services; snack-bars; take-out restaurant services; tea rooms; teahouse services;


  • Used in TURKEY on goods (2), (3) and on services
  • Registered in or for TURKEY on July 17, 2013, under No. 2012 11997 on goods (2), (3) and on services
  • Proposed Use in CANADA

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