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(1) Administration of a discount program for enabling participants to obtain discounts on goods and services through use of a discount membership card; administration of consumer loyalty programs; administration of customer loyalty programs; administration of incentive award programmes to promote the sale of the goods and services of others; advertising and business management consultancy; advertising by transmission of on-line publicity for third parties through electronic communications networks; advertising copywriting; advertising flyer distribution; advertising flyer distribution for others; advertising on the Internet for others; advertising text publication services for others; advertising the goods and services of others; advertising the goods and services of others in periodicals, brochures and newspapers; advertising the goods and services of others via electronic media and specifically the internet; advice and information about customer services and product management and prices on Internet sites in connection with purchases made over the Internet; advice in the field of business management and marketing; analysis of market research data and statistics; arranging and conducting craft trade show exhibitions; arranging newspaper subscriptions for others; business management consulting with relation to strategy, marketing, production, personnel and retail sale matters; business management of performing artists; business marketing consulting services; chamber of commerce services promoting business and tourism in the Okanagan Valley; collection of market research information; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on the internet; compilation of business directories; compilation, production and dissemination of advertising matter for others; computerised database management; computerized market research services; computerized on-line gift ordering service which matches the gift giver's requirements with the gift recipient's wants and needs; computerized online ordering featuring clothing; conducting marketing studies; conducting of business feasibility studies; conducting public opinion surveys; creating and updating advertising material for others; database management; design of marketing surveys; design of public opinion surveys; developing and coordinating volunteer projects for charitable organizations; developing marketing strategies and marketing concepts for others; development of marketing strategies and concepts for others; direct marketing of the goods and services of others; dissemination of advertising for others via an on-line communications network on the internet; dissemination of advertising for others via the Internet; distribution of advertisements and commercial announcements for others; distribution of advertising materials for others; distributorships in the field of clothing; invoicing services; mail order services in the field of books; mail order services in the field of clothing; mail order services in the field of toys; mailing list preparation; management and compilation of computerized databases; market analysis and studies; marketing research; marketing services in the field of arranging for the distribution of the products of others; on-line advertising for others on computer networks; online sales of clothing; online sales of headwear; online sales of sporting goods; online sales of toys; organisation and management of customer loyalty programs; preparing and placing of advertisements for others; production of infomercials; promoting goods and services through the distribution of discount cards; promoting the sale of goods and services through a consumer loyalty program; providing advertising space in a periodical; providing an on-line commercial information directory on the internet; providing and rental of advertising space on the internet; providing business marketing information for others; provision of market research information; provision of marketing reports; public relations services; rental of advertising space on web sites; renting of advertising spaces; retail sale of clothing; retail sale of toys; sale of clothing; sample distribution; subscriptions to newspapers; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; wholesale store services featuring clothing; wholesale store services featuring toys;


  • Used in CANADA since October 01, 2018

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