Amateur radio operator certificates services

My account

A user account is required to access many of the services provided by this site. This page provides services to create your user account as well services to manage it.

Amateurs and clubs

This page provides services including amateur and club call sign search, available call sign search, forms for a new amateur application and club application, forms for an additional call sign or change of call sign request, a form for a certificate reprint and a form for change of address.

Special events

This page provides services including a special event call sign listing and an application form for new special event call signs.

Pay your invoice

If you have received an invoice from the Amateur Radio Service Centre ( ARSC ), you can now pay it online.

Accredited examiners

This page provides services related to accredited examiners. Services include accredited examiner search, an application form for examiner accreditation, an application form for accreditation renewal, and a form for submitting a change of address.

Amateur radio exam generator

A learning aid for prospective amateurs and administrative tool for accredited examiners.


This page provides downloadable zip files containing text-based listings of amateurs and their assigned call signs, special event call signs, and accredited examiners.