Help: New amateur application
(Request by amateur)

Use this service to submit your request for amateur radio operator certification and to select a call sign. Your examiner must have submitted your exam scores so that an authorization key would be emailed to you.

Step 1

You must provide your authorization key, which has been emailed to you, as well as your date of birth and exam date. This is to ensure that your passing exam scores have been entered by your examiner and that your application is ready for you to complete.

Step 2

Fill in the mandatory fields and click the "Submit" button to submit your request to us. If errors are found with the data provided, they will be listed at the top of the page.

You must read and agree with the privacy statement by checking the associated check box.

You have the option to disclose your address to the public. Your address will only appear in the Amateur and call sign search if you select "Public" as the value for Public disclosure of address.

You must select a call sign by performing one of the following actions.

  • Select a prefix and enter a suffix; or
  • Check the checkbox to indicate that you wish to be assigned any available call sign.

Step 3

A confirmation page is displayed including a confirmation number which you can print and keep for your records. Use this confirmation number to refer to this request in case you need assistance.

Your request will be reviewed by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and your certificate will be mailed to you upon approval.

Service: New amateur application (Request by amateur) (Requires login)