Help: Request a change of amateur province

This service is only available for amateur certificate holders and is used to submit a change of province.

If your province has NOT changed and you simply wish to change contact information please use Request a change of amateur address and/or contact information.

Step 1

You must provide your amateur number, call sign, as well as your date of birth. This is to ensure that you are the holder of a valid amateur certification. Your amateur number can be found on your certificate.

If you have more than one call sign please enter the call sign that corresponds to the address you wish to change.

Step 2

Make the necessary updates to your address and/or contact information and click the "Submit" button to submit your changes to us. If errors are found with the data provided, they will be listed at the top of the page.

You must read and agree with the privacy statement by checking the associated check box.

You have the option to disclose your address to the public. Your address will only appear in the Amateur and call sign search if you select "Public" as the value for Public disclosure of address.

If you would like all correspondence to be sent to this address please check the box next to Make this my mailing address.

All call signs associated to your former province will be released. You may specify replacement call signs for each of the call signs being released. To do so simply list the desired call signs in the box labeled "Replacement call signs" and separate the values with a comma (Example: VE3AAA, VE3BBB, VE3CCC). If you would like some, or all, of the call signs selected for you then enter the number of call signs in the box labeled "Assign me the following number of automatically generated call signs".

Step 3

A confirmation page is displayed including a confirmation number which you can print and keep for your records. Use this confirmation number to refer to this request in case you need assistance.

Your file will be updated with the information provided.

Service: Request a change of amateur province (Requires login)