What We Heard: Summary of Canada's consultation on biomanufacturing capacity

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The consultation

From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Canada has demonstrated strong and decisive action to combat the virus and mitigate its economic and health impacts on Canadians while supporting Canadian workers and businesses.

The Government of Canada is equally resolved to ensure that Canada is well-positioned to respond to future health emergencies and is committed to promote the long-term sustainable growth in Canada's biomanufacturing sector. Budget 2021 illustrates this commitment by investing a total of $2.2 billion over seven years towards growing a vibrant domestic biomanufacturing and life sciences sector. These investments will help build Canada's talent pipeline and research system, and support the growth of Canadian life sciences firms.

Key findings

In February and March 2021, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), in collaboration with Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, and with the assistance of the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force, engaged expert stakeholders in a series of virtual roundtables as well as by soliciting written submissions on the long-term elements of a robust domestic biomanufacturing sector. A detailed consultation paper entitled, Considering the Creation of New Biomanufacturing Capacity for Canada, laid out a series of considerations and key questions.

Consultation key findings include emphasis on:

  • Expanding the mandate to cover the full biomanufacturing and life sciences ecosystem;
  • Building flexibility to support a diverse portfolio of technologies;
  • Enhancing connectivity across stakeholders, including academic and research institutions, industry and government, including government biomanufacturing assets;
  • Ensuring sustainability outside of pandemic times;
  • Bolstering the number of highly qualified personnel;
  • Aligning policies and regulations to support the goals of the initiative;
  • Supporting research, sustaining the ecosystem creating mechanisms for partnerships, and leveraging the new capacity for commercial activities;
  • Investing in strategic supply chain capabilities to differentiate Canada;
  • Leveraging Canadian research and existing expertise and forming public-private partnerships; and
  • Ensuring sufficient globally-relevant domestic capacity, such that Canada has the means to participate in strategic international partnerships and alliances.

The full report

The Government of Canada is carefully considering the feedback we received through the consultation as we plan for a strong new generation of biologics manufacturing and life sciences in Canada.

We invite you to read the full "What We Heard" report.