Securing your business’ computers, devices and networks to prevent spam

Learn how to protect your business from cyber threats.

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Why you need to protect your business

Canadian businesses are frequent targets of cyber attacks—the term for interrupting, manipulating, destroying or gaining unauthorized access to a computer system, network or device. Large businesses are targeted more often than small ones, but small and medium-sized businesses are viewed as most vulnerable. If you own one, you should equip it with the tools to lessen the risk and consequences of a cyber attack.

What’s on the line? All of your most sensitive data, including customer information, intellectual property and finances.

How you can protect your business

Here are some general tips for protecting your business from spam and other online threats:

  • Make it a team effort: teach your employees how to defend the company against spam
  • Install appropriate security software on all computers and keep it up to date
  • Ensure your computers have firewall security to block unauthorized access to your computer or network
  • Secure your wireless networks
  • Back up important data
  • Consider encrypting computers, laptops, USB keys and sensitive files

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has further information on how to protect your business, including: