Business spotlight: Acier MC4

Acier MC4

Reinforcing steel manufacturer and installer

Location: Montréal, Quebec

Grant: Boost Your Business Technology

Digital Advisor: Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Montréal

"The grant from the Canada Digital Adoption Program enabled us to develop a digital plan that met our needs. Thanks to this grant, we received valuable advice that helped us transition from largely manual operations to smoother, more automated operations."

Carl Nolet, co-owner of Acier MC4

A tough company with a soft heart

Founded in 2020, Acier MC4 specializes in manufacturing and installing reinforcing steel for residential, commercial and institutional projects in the Greater Montréal area. In less than two years, Acier MC4 grew from 4 to 20 employees and provided jobs to individuals who had lost theirs. To keep pace with their growing business, Acier MC4's owners realized that they needed to upgrade their databases, software packages and IT tools.

The Challenge

Transitioning from manual to automated operations

The company was looking to adopt technology to support its growth. Acier MC4 wanted to automate its processes, modernize its architecture, increase system compatibility, and digitize its data and work orders. It also sought to reposition itself in the market to maintain a competitive edge.

Results from their Digital Adoption Plan


Automating processes led to increased productivity


Modernizing company architecture led to increased efficiency


Integrating data made work orders easier to manage

Transcription – CDAP Business Spotlight – Acier MC4

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For us, everything went smoothly with the program. It took five minutes to complete the application and then it was approved.

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Business Spotlight
Canada Digital Adoption Program

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Carl Nolet
Co-founder, Acier MC4]

[Clips of steel rebar manufacturing interspersed throughout, including factory workers using machinery to customize fabricated rebar]

Hi, I’m Carl, co-founder of Acier MC4. Our company specializes in the field of reinforcing steel.

My partner, who isn’t here right now, and I had quite an unconventional path. We’re both trained chartered professional accountants.

But David, who isn’t here today, had worked many years before in the field of reinforcing steel.

As for me, my background is more in financial restructuring. I worked with private funds, so I’m very familiar with all things business start-up and business growth.

We had another business together in the past, and as it happens, there was a lot of new construction during the pandemic, apartment buildings and things like that, which created a big demand. So we had the opportunity to start over in a sector that he understood very well.

And that’s when Acier MC4 was born, two and a half years ago.

There was a lot of uncertainty at the beginning of the pandemic. We were starting our business, and we needed funding, lenders and banks to help us get the working capital to purchase equipment and such.

We first heard about the Canada Digital Adoption Program from one of our financial partners: the BDC, the Business Development Bank of Canada.

With the advisor, we thoroughly assessed our short- and medium-term needs in relation to information technology, automation, equipment, etc.

We have grown very quickly. In two and a half years, we went from having no employees to almost 20 during the busy summer period. So one of the big challenges in 2022 was learning how to work with a growing team. We had to modernize our information systems, our management tools and our equipment, not only to learn but also to be able to meet growing customer demand. That’s where the Canada Digital Adoption Program gave us a big boost last year.

We’re very happy with the Canada Digital Adoption Program. Applying to the program was very simple and easy. Within 24 hours, we were approved for $15,000 in non-repayable financial assistance.

Within three months, we were working with a digital advisor, and the program covered a good portion of his fees. He gave us a very helpful report with recommendations that we’ve already been able to implement.

So it’s a program I would recommend.

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For more information, visit:]

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