Business spotlight: Applied Colour

Applied Colour

Commercial and residential painting

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Grant: Boost Your Business Technology

Digital Advisor: DDB Consultants

"I found the application process to be fairly seamless and the comprehensive self-assessment of digital needs, straightforward. I can’t say enough about my digital advisor, who helped me identify needs and issues every step of the way, as well as the possibilities of digitizing our workflow processes."

Daryn Kemp, Corporate Manager and Co-owner

Beautifying interior and exterior spaces

Founded in 1996, Applied Colour specializes in providing clients with customized paint solutions to beautify and protect building interiors and exteriors, including doors, walls and ceilings, as well as more complex painting details. Painters are on the road often, so it is highly important to keep track of where they are and to pull information on their work in a timely manner. Applied Colour turned to CDAP for help in finding an innovative solution.

The challenge

Accessing data in real time

With the advice and guidance of its digital advisor, the company was able to find the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that suited its needs. Applied Colour wanted to see every service it performed from start to finish, from the first visit with the client to project completion and invoicing. Digitizing its workflow processes gave the company the ability to get a picture of what was happening in the field in real time. And with the new system, time sheets can be uploaded directly into its payroll system, eliminating manual tasks, reducing costs and increasing transparency.

Results from their digital adoption plan


Increased accuracy thanks to automated data capture


Improved efficiency with centralized ERP


Heightened productivity by removing manual tasks

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