Business spotlight: The August House

The August House

An 11-room boutique inn

Location: Windsor, Nova Scotia

Grant: Grow Your Business Online

Service provider: New Brunswick Association of CBDCs

"CDAP has helped us grow our business and create an online journey that improves our clients' experience."

Laura MacLachlan, Co-founder, The August House

A year-round boutique inn

There is nothing quite like a relaxing boutique inn that reconnects you to life's goodness.

Creating a space like The August House, an 11-room boutique inn, is about so much more than just offering beautiful accommodations. Co-founders Colette, Laura and Ezra see The August House as a vehicle for creating a delightful getaway experience for their guests while contributing to their community and their province.

Their in-house community-building initiative, "The Judy Fund," focuses on raising funds to provide safe and affordable housing for single mothers who live in Windsor-West Hants. It's a win-win arrangement: guests have an unforgettable stay, while the business gives back to Canadians in need.

The challenge

The August House is focused on giving its clients the best guest experience because booking travel online can be stressful. Aware that the majority of their customers book their travel online, Colette, Laura and Ezra wanted to improve their website to facilitate the user experience.

Thanks to the Canada Digital Adoption Program, The August House is improving its website that helps guests book their stay and pay online. By going digital, The August House enhanced their clients' online journey and grew their business.

Tip from the New Brunswick Association of CBDCs

It's always good for a business to join the market, but remember to take your clients along for the ride. Moving too fast can leave them feeling confused and could result in a missed business opportunity.

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