Business spotlight: EEKO


Courier delivery services

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Grant: Boost Your Business Technology

Digital Advisor: Business Development Bank of Canada

"The application process was smooth all the way through. The whole experience went well, and we achieved our goal: to acquire an electronic barcode system."

Valentine Shactman, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Where ecology meets speedy delivery

Based in Vancouver, EEKO Couriers has been providing courier delivery services since 2009 and warehousing services since 2017. The three founders, who also happen to be brothers, started their journey into the courier industry after becoming unemployed and realizing that, while it's in high demand, the freight industry remains one of the largest global polluters. Their creative minds led them to purchase a small fleet of hybrid cars to deliver goods to hundreds of customers from diverse backgrounds. Fast forward to 2023: they now have a warehouse in Vancouver and a facility in Ontario that allows them to cover a greater area of Canada and keep expanding, while maintaining client loyalty and lowering administrative costs. 

The Challenge

A barcoding system for its growing inventory

While EEKO Couriers was expanding, so were its administrative needs. Time is money, and entering orders manually comes at a cost. The brothers knew that they needed a barcoding system to prevent mistakes and save time. Thanks to an existing relationship with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), they learned about the Canada Digital Adoption Program. With the help of CDAP and BDC, EEKO Couriers obtained the loan and benefited from a digital advisor's guidance to implement a barcoding system that enables them to track their packages in real time.

Results from their Digital Adoption Plan


Saving time with an electronic barcode system


Tightening security to prevent security breaches


Increasing profits thanks to better management tools

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