Business spotlight: eSupply Canada

eSupply Canada

Industrial supplies

Location: Saugeen First Nation, Ontario

Grant: Boost Your Business Technology

Digital Advisor: eCommerce Canada

" You can build a website, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to promote your business. So to have an expert to help guide you is key. "

Steven Vanloffeld, Founder

Indigenous business success: office essentials and community support

eSupply Canada is an online distributor of office janitorial and industrial supplies. A completely digital operation with distribution centres in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, eSupply Canada has carved out a niche for itself as a way for customers to invest their money in local Indigenous communities while purchasing premium products for their business. “ As an Indigenous entrepreneur, I believe it’s important that folks are moving into this space and taking advantage of it ,” noted founder Steven Vanloffeld.

The Challenge

Vanloffeld was looking for a way to effectively monitor and improve eSupply’s online performance. “ When you’re growing a company, you don’t necessarily have the time or the expertise to look at your digital assets and see how well they’re meeting your needs ,” he said. Vanloffeld heard about CDAP and applied right away. The application process was easy, and once approved for the grant, eSupply began working on a digital adoption plan with eCommerce Canada that focused on an effective creative strategy and updated technology to monitor online performance indicators.

Results from their digital adoption plan


Ability to efficiently monitor digital performance

Customer Reach

Developing a creative strategy to achieve a raised profile


5X return on investment for online marketing

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