Business spotlight: Meals by Mom

Meals by Mom

Homemade food and delivery

Location: Kingston, Ontario

Grant: Grow Your Business Online

Service provider: Kingston Economic Development Corporation

"Food is about memories. We don't just need food to eat; it bonds us as a community."

Shelley Scott, Owner

Where food meets community

Just like the name suggests, Meals by Mom is all about creating a sense of home, comfort and community through freshly prepared meals.

In 2014, inspired by her nana's home cooking, Shelley Scott set off on a mission to remind her community that food is about making memories. Based in Kingston, Meals by Mom offers healthy, fresh foods made to order, adaptable to any dietary restriction and ready to eat when you are. It's almost like having the convenience of a personal chef.

For busy parents or students, or someone who just needs a little help, Shelley and her team deliver meals directly to their home, just like any mom would.

The Challenge

For eight years, Meals by Mom has offered the ability to order ahead of time, but its café's food selection was only available to walk-in customers. Over the years, customers asked if they could order and pay online, but the café wasn't able to offer that option. Shelley wanted to modernize her business to better serve existing customers in the tightly knit community and attract new ones, so more people could enjoy their great meals.

Thanks to the Canada Digital Adoption Program, Meals by Mom is in the process of implementing an e-commerce website for the café. Going digital gives the larger community more options to order and savour healthy home cooking.

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