Business spotlight: Perlimpinpin


Design and distribution of clothing products for babies

Location: Québec, Quebec

Grant: Boost Your Business Technology

Digital Advisor: Business Development Bank of Canada

"The Canada Digital Adoption Program grant allowed us to reflect on our digital objectives and, with the help of an advisor, to identify our weaknesses and address them through a digital adoption plan."

Line Nault, Chief Financial Officer

Perlimpinpin sprinkles magic into young children's lives

Perlimpinpin, a company established in Québec for 35 years, works with international partners to make quality sleepwear from various fabrics for babies and toddlers. The company sells them to major retailers such as Toys "R" Us, Clément and Indigo. During the pandemic, the company had to diversify its sales channels and adapt to the reality of e-commerce.

The Challenge

Automate its processes and protect its trade secrets

Perlimpinpin wanted to modernize and automate its business processes with its international partners and, especially, protect its trade secrets by adopting IT solutions in order to reinforce its cybersecurity measures. The company also wanted to enter new markets, especially the American market. To achieve this, the company sought to improve its online presence and its website, as well as increase its presence on social media through blog posts.

Results from their digital adoption plan


Automated business processes with its international partners


Increased computer security
and protected data


Increased online presence to retain and attract customers

Transcription – Canada Digital Adoption Program business spotlight – Perlimpinpin

[Opening on Danielle Déry, president and co-founder of Perlimpinpin]

I'm Danielle Déry, president and co-founder of Perlimpinpin.

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Business Spotlight

Canada Digital Adoption Program


[Mix of photos showing Perlimpinpin products]

Perlimpinpin specializes in products for kids, bedding, baby accessories and outdoor clothing.

We mainly sell our products in Canada and the U.S.

Our flagship product is the baby sleep bag, for which we're very well known. What motivated me to start the company was a need for fulfillment, a need to contribute.

[Sequence on Danielle Déry]

The pandemic was, of course, a shock for everyone at first. We had to reinvent ourselves and reorganize. And it was as much a personal challenge as it was a business and societal challenge because people were living through it personally.

[Mix of photos showing Perlimpinpin products]

During the pandemic, even though stores were closed, there was strong growth in online sales.

[On-screen text]

Who told you about CDAP?

[Sequence on Danielle Déry]

Last spring, our advisor at BDC contacted us to tell us about it.

And almost right after we heard about it, we applied.

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How did CDAP help you?

[Sequence on Danielle Déry followed by a mix of photos showing Perlimpinpin products]

By guiding us toward the "how"—how it could be possible. Because we know we have a need, but we can't quite put our finger on it.

What's the next step?

[On-screen text]

And CDAP also…

[Sequence on Danielle Déry]

It helped us structure ourselves, become better aware of our needs and structure the organization of all this. Because we can know what our needs are, but how do we make it all work? That's what [CDAP] allowed us to do. And right away, with the pandemic, we sped up our digital shift.

[On-screen text]

And the digital aspect?

[Mix of photos showing Perlimpinpin products followed by Danielle Déry followed by a mix of photos showing Perlimpinpin products]

We were able to combine—to link—our inventory and our orders to our website. With all that's coming down the pipe for us, the projects we're putting in place and the quality of work we offer our employees, I'm confident that we'll reach our goals for the coming year.

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