Business spotlight: PranaShanti Yoga Centre and Education Centre


Yoga and education centre

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Grant: Boost Your Business Technology

Digital Advisor: Differly

"Thanks to the Canada Digital Adoption Program, I now have well-defined goals mapped out for up to two years."

Devinder Kaur, Owner and Director

Yoga for all levels of students

PranaShanti, a yoga centre in Ottawa, was founded in 2008. The studio employs 11 employees and about 60 contract teachers throughout the year. Founder and lead teacher/trainer Devinder Kaur heard about the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) through the Ottawa Board of Trade and applied in the hopes that the program could help take PranaShanti to its next level of success. "I thought, this is something really great," she said. "I could use some insight and professional assistance to help me reach our goals."

The Challenge

Reaching more clients with a digital learning management system

The company found the application process easy and straightforward. With the funding from CDAP, PranaShanti looks to increase its capacity for recording and uploading classes, workshops and training sessions in order to be more accessible and reach a wider audience. It is also working on reviewing different digital learning management systems and a more advanced customer interface to see which best suits the needs of the business, to further increase efficiency and reach.

Results from their Digital Adoption Plan


Increasing efficiency with a digital learning management system

Customer reach

Reaching more clients with online classes, workshops, courses and training


Increasing accessibility with more advanced client interfaces

Transcription – PranaShanti Yoga Centre and Education Centre

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My experience with CDAP was fantastic and I really do recommend it.

[Text on screen: Business Spotlight Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)]

[Text on screen: Devinder Kaur Owner and Director PranaShanti Yoga Centre]

My name is Devinder Kaur, and I'm the owner and director of PranaShanti Yoga Centre. We support anybody that wants to explore yoga, explore meditation, whether it's for their own personal practice or whether they want to become a teacher and offer classes themselves.

During the pandemic, we evolved significantly to keep up. Now all of our classes are hybrid. All of our teacher training programs, courses, people can join in online or in person as they like. I heard about the Digital Adoption Program through the Ottawa Board of Trade. We use CDAP mostly for classes, workshops, courses and trainings to see what would be the best way forward and to also try to map out like a two- to five-year plan of where we could envision our education piece moving forward.

As an owner-operator of a small business, you don't have a management team with you. I am the management team, so I need advice. I need support from other people. I mean, I can bounce some ideas around with other people, but I needed to connect with some folks that had many years of experience doing what I'm trying to do.

The whole process was really easy. Everybody was very responsive. I found the instructions really clear. It didn't take long, and I was working with the advisor probably within a matter of weeks after selecting them. The two advisors that were part of the team were knowledgeable. They were compassionate. I got the sense that they really cared about what I was trying to do. And they had direct experience with developing online educational programs, so it was ideal.

So with CDAP, we were absolutely able to address any of the concerns we had with how are we going to keep offering this quality education but in a really easy way for the end user? We needed to find a really streamlined way to do tha t, and we have that path to get there now.

The digital offerings are just here to stay.

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