Business spotlight: Protect Fire

Protect Fire

Fire protection services

Location: Montréal, Quebec

Grant: Boost Your Business Technology

Digital Advisor: Business Development Bank of Canada

"The CDAP application process was very user-friendly and easy. Our digital advisor stood out as someone who understood what I was talking about, understood the field. We're still working together to automate parts of our business."

David Klein, General Manager

Seeing beyond life safety and fire protection

Protect Fire, a Montréal-based company that has grown from a small to a medium-sized enterprise, provides a wide range of life safety services with a focus on fire protection, including residential, commercial, industrial and institutional services. From fire alarm and sprinkler installations to repairs, maintenance, inspections and 24-hour emergency services, they run the full gamut of fire protection services.

The Challenge

As the company grows, so do its data and its customer base. Technicians are on the road every day, and the nature of their work requires them to always be attentive and on guard to serve their customers and meet their fire protection requirements swiftly, with care and expertise. But human error is inevitable, and losing paperwork orders, for example, comes at a great cost. The company knew that digitalizing its operations by introducing electronic work orders and better tracking tools for its data, technicians and equipment would allow it to keep expanding without losing time and money. It also recognized that revamping its website would make it much more user-friendly and provide a better customer experience.

Results from their Digital Adoption Plan


Increased efficiency thanks to client management relationship (CRM) software


New CRM software means less time wasted on paperwork


Revamped website to attract potential customers and improve the website navigation experience

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