Business spotlight: Ski Shop Laval

Ski Shop Laval

Sale and rental of winter sports equipment

Location: Laval, Quebec

Grant: Boost Your Business Technology

Digital Advisor: Business Development Bank of Canada

"Thanks to the Canada Digital Adoption Program, we received valuable advice from a highly knowledgeable digital advisor. To our delight, she identified a number of manual operations that could be automated."

Marie-Eve Lepage, employee and project director

A small company with big dreams

Founded in 1995, Ski Shop Laval has only 5 to 13 employees depending on the time of the season, but it serves countless customers from all walks of life and handles more than 3,500 rentals of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding equipment each year. The shop also sells new winter sports equipment, clothing and accessories. The company was well aware of its needs and has benefited greatly from the help of a digital advisor. She identified all the processes that could be automated, kick-starting its digital transition.

The challenge

Upgrading from manual checkout to a barcode system

To achieve its growth objectives, Ski Shop Laval wanted to create an online shop to sell items and manage its numerous seasonal rentals. The shop had been using a manual cash register, but to ensure efficiency, productivity and data security, the company had to create a digital inventory and customer account management system. To achieve that goal and ensure the upgrade went smoothly, the shop had to address other aspects of the business. CDAP's digital plan provided a road map for the shop's digital transition.

Results from their digital adoption plan


The barcode system saves time.


Inventory and customer accounts can be displayed quickly.

Customer satisfaction

Customers can reserve equipment through the online shop.

Transcription – CDAP Business Spotlight – Ski Shop Laval

[Music starts]

Marie-Eve: We saw our chance, and we took it!

[Text on screen:
Business Spotlight
Canada Digital Adoption Program

[Text on screen:
Sylvain Tremblay
CEO, Ski Shop Laval]

[Clips of the store interspersed throughout, including the building exterior, merchandise and equipment, the store’s dog, ski sharpening, and employees at a computer]

Sylvain: Hi, I’m Sylvain Tremblay, from Ski Shop Laval.

We’ve been in business since 1995.

We specialize in retail sales of downhill ski equipment for kids and adults. We also do a lot of yearly, weekly and daily rentals.

The biggest challenge is possibly competing with everything available online.

[Text on screen:
Marie-Eve Lepage
Project Director, Ski Shop Laval]

Marie-Eve: For a business like ours that was doing pretty much everything manually, we had a long way to go. There was so much to be done.

You have to keep up with the times!

I learned about this program from the BDC website. So we applied, and pretty quickly, we were approved.

[Text on screen:
Rachel Julien
Digital Advisor, CDAP]

Rachel: I was the digital advisor on the Ski Shop project, working with Marie-Eve.

The process went very smoothly because Marie-Eve is such an organized person. She had a very clear vision of what she wanted.

Marie-Eve: In the short term, we wanted to computerize our whole system, meaning our inventory and payment systems.

And really, the ultimate long-term goal was to put our business online, to have an e-commerce website.

Rachel: There are thousands of digital solutions available on the market, so if you want to find one, you will. But our role as digital advisors is really to recommend the best solution, the best software for the business. So we assess, and we try to understand how everything works internally and what the business’s goals and needs are.

Marie-Eve: We recommend that businesses wanting to go digital apply to the program.

And that’s precisely because the advice about digital development is really tailored to each business’s area of expertise.

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For more information, visit:]

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