Business spotlight: XEOS Imaging Inc.

XEOS Imaging Inc.

Digital aerial photography, LiDAR surveys and digital twins of cities in 3D

Location: Quebec, Quebec

Grant: Boost Your Business Technology

Digital advisor: Business Development Bank of Canada

"Our digital advisor was very qualified and gave us good advice, especially on choosing a customer relations management system that best meets our needs."

Tony St-Pierre, President and associate

Aerial photos from every angle

XEOS Imaging Inc. was founded in 2004. The company specializes in digital aerial photography and provides topographic surveys and digital twin cities in 3D. It provides services to various clients, including governments, municipalities, land surveyors and engineering firms. The company's growth can be attributed to its use of artificial intelligence and its new 3D City program, which makes it possible to view a city's highly detailed digital twin in 3D, online. The program allows users to take measurements, simulate traffic, map out flood risk areas, plan real estate projects and visualize access to buildings in case of emergencies, all without even having to move.

The challenge 

Consolidate data to avoid mistakes

The company's goal was to increase efficiency and reduce mistakes in the transfer of data between various software programs. Re-entering information many times in different software programs is a waste of time that can generate errors. The digital advisor recommended that the company integrate a customer relationship management (CRM) system that is connected to the accounting system, the project management module and the client technical support ticket management system.

Results of the digital adoption plan


Data now consolidated in one place


Efficient management of projects, invoices and client technical support tickets


New CRM software, and better management of sales and client follow-ups

Transcription – CDAP Business Spotlight - XEOS Imaging Inc.

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Any financial support that helps us improve our productivity or integrate digital technology into our operations is always welcome.

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Business Spotlight
Canada Digital Adoption Program

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Tony St-Pierre
President, XEOS Imaging]

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Hello, I’m Tony St-Pierre, President of XEOS Imaging.

XEOS Imaging works in aerial photography and laser topographical surveying, or what we call LiDAR.

We were the first company in Quebec to offer digital aerial photography, sometime in the late 90s.

It’s very, very specialized, and we’re about 25 employees.

We’re recognized in the industry for our high-quality products.

I’d say that the pandemic affected our company positively.

Training people in our field takes years, so we couldn’t just send people home and risk losing our workforce. We decided to accelerate investments in research and development.

The first time I heard about the Canada Digital Adoption Program was from someone at NRC, an advisor with whom we work. He sent me a link and said: “Tony, look, there’s a new program that has just launched. Are you aware?”

We needed to make changes to our internal systems for accounting and sales, and we would have the opportunity to work with a consultant who would be paid in part by the program to look at our needs and advise us on a digital plan. And secondly, we would have the possibility of getting an interest-free loan to implement our changes.

Finding a digital advisor was easy for us. I was already working with BDC, and they had told me that they were listed as advisors for CDAP.

It was a very positive experience overall. The advisor with whom we developed the digital plan was very competent, open and friendly. Working with people like her is very easy.
So there’s no easier decision to make than that!

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For more information, visit:]

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