Overview of federal government Services for Small Business

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Find everything that government can do for your business, all in one place. The Innovation Canada digital platform can match you with the best-fitting programs and services from across federal, provincial and territorial governments—in less than 3 minutes.


Starting your business

Get tools and information on what to consider before starting a business. You'll find business plan templates; information on registration, regulations and incorporation; sector and other economic data; and more.


Growing your business

Get information to help you identify opportunities to expand. Includes information on planning, exporting, R&D and business support organizations that can help you reach your goals.

R&D and innovation

Financing your business

Learn how to fuel your R&D and innovation projects through government grants, contributions and loans, as well as private sector financing. Get information on tax refunds and credits. Gain access to equity funding. Unlock the potential of crowdfunding.


Regional support

Learn about programs and services available in your region to help your business succeed.


Permits and licences

Find out more about the municipal, provincial, territorial and federal permits, licences and regulations that apply to your business.


Managing your business

Learn how to handle day-to-day operations, including budgeting, marketing and payroll deductions. Find out how to attract and develop one of your most important assets: people.


Protecting your intellectual property

Learn how to protect patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright. Get information to help you build an IP business strategy and make the most of your IP assets.


Protecting your business

Are you prepared to handle anything? Learn about emergency and disaster plans, business continuity, e-business security, fraud prevention, privacy, legal requirements, workplace hazards and more.


Selling to government

Promote and sell your goods and services to government, search for bidding opportunities and compete for government contracts in Canada and internationally.


Exporting and importing

Learn about exporting and importing, free trade agreements and foreign investment. Includes hands-on help for navigating complex international markets.


Women entrepreneurship

Are you a woman with a business idea? Learn about how the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy can help you grow your business and gain access to financing, talent, networks and expertise. Find out what tools and resources are available to support you through the phases of business development.


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