Canadian Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes

(effective since 1980)
1511 Tires and tubes
1521 Rubber hose and belting
3231 Motor vehicles
3241 Truck and bus body
3242 Commercial trailers
3243 Non-commercial trailers
3244 Mobile homes
3251 Motor vehicle engines and engine parts
3252 Motor vehicle wiring assemblies
3253 Motor vehicle stampings
3254 Motor vehicle steering and suspension parts
3255 Motor vehicle wheel and brake
3256 Plastic parts and accessories
3257 Motor vehicle fabric accessories
3259 Other motor vehicle accessories, parts and assemblies
5511 Automobiles, wholesale
5512 Trucks and buses, wholesale
5519 Other motor vehicles and trailers, wholesale
6311 Automobile dealers, new
6312 Automobile dealers, used
6331 Gasoline service stations
6341 Home and auto supply stores
6342 Tire, battery, parts and accessories stores
6351 Garages (general repair)
6352 Paint and body repair shops
6353 Muffler replacement shops
6354 Motor vehicle glass replacement shops
6355 Motor vehicle transmission repair and replacement
6359 Other motor vehicle repair shops