U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes

(Effective since 1987)
3011 Tires and inner tubes
3711 Motor vehicles and passenger car bodies
37111 Passenger cars
37112 Trucks, truck tractors, and truck and bus chassis
37113 Buses
37114 Combat vehicles
37115 Passenger car bodies
37131 Truck, bus and other vehicle bodies
3714 Motor vehicle parts and accessories
37142 Gasoline engines and gasoline engine parts
37144 Filters for IC engines and motor vehicles
37145 Exhaust system parts
37146 Drive train components
37147 Motor vehicle wheels
37148 Brake parts and assemblies
37149 All other motor vehicle parts and accessories
3715 Truck trailers
3716 Motor homes produced on purchased chassis
3743 Railroad equipment
5012 Automobile wholesalers
5013 Motor vehicle wholesale parts suppliers
5014 Tire and tube wholesalers
5015 Motor vehicle parts wholesalers, used
5511 Motor vehicle dealers
5541 Gasoline service stations
7538 General automotive repair shops