2020-2021 Annual Report
Next steps

In 2021−2022, CIPO will be entering the last year of its Five-Year Business Strategy, and its second year operating in a COVID-19 environment. In the face of challenge lies an opportunity to look forward and improve the way we do business in a post-pandemic future. For as long as is required, CIPO will continue to work to minimize the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on employees, clients and the Canadian economy.

Building on the implementation of 5 international IP treaties, CIPO will continue to advance innovation and modernize Canada's IP regime to help Canadian businesses innovate and grow. We will collaborate with our key international partners to advance Canadian interests on the international stage, while establishing and maintaining new collaborations, promoting IP literacy and research, and delivering technical assistance activities.

CIPO is committed to continuously improving the quality of the IP rights it issues and reducing turnaround times through the implementation of process efficiencies. Improvements to our IT infrastructure will pave the way for the digital transformations needed to offer clients an excellent and modern service experience.

To increase the reach of the IP awareness and education program, CIPO will leverage digital approaches to service delivery and continue to expand its IP offerings to better assist businesses, innovators and underrepresented groups.

We will continue to foster a diverse and healthy workplace and provide the environment for employees to excel as we roll out the final year of our People Management Strategy. Finally, CIPO will continue to demonstrate sound governance and financial stewardship to ensure it remains a leading IP office.