2021−2022 Annual Report
Next steps

2021–2022 was the last year of CIPO's 2017–2022 Five-Year Business Strategy. As we continue to operate in an evolving IP environment and plan for our new normal in the aftermath of the pandemic, CIPO has laid out the priorities that will help us navigate the present, guide us over the next 5 years and bring us into the future.

CIPO will remain focused on providing clients with timely delivery of quality IP rights and services by rendering decisions that are consistent, predictable and reasonable. We will optimize our turnaround times through process and technological transformation and will leverage data to support these improvements. We will transform the service experience by providing our clients with e-enabled IP services that are seamless, integrated and harmonized with other jurisdictions.

CIPO will continue to foster innovation and competitiveness in Canada through leadership and education. By developing evidence-based and targeted digital program offerings, we will increase IP awareness, knowledge and the effective use of IP by Canadians, notably for under-represented groups such as Indigenous, Black and women entrepreneurs. We will continue to be a leader on the Canadian and international IP stage by promoting Canada's IP interests and providing support to advance the harmonization of the global IP system. Our data-driven focus will support decision making across the IP ecosystem.

Most importantly, CIPO will strengthen the foundation upon which it is built. We will establish a modern and healthy workplace that supports our operational needs as well as the well-being and mental health of our employees. We will ensure our employees have the skills and tools needed to succeed and will prioritize diversity and inclusion in our recruitment and development practices.

Finally, by reviewing our fee structure and maintaining good governance and oversight of our IT and capital investments, we will be able to continue to serve Canadians with excellence, now and into the future.